Take Dasuki To A Hospital In Sambisa

Sambo Dasuki


For several days the Nigerian government and it’s Office of National Security headed by Sambo Dasuki, refused to admit that 234 pure girls from Chibok had been kidnapped. While the Civilian-JTF had risked all, trailing the terrorists to the edges of Sambisa as we exclusively reported then, Nigeria’s security agencies and army in spite of having hours of prior warning, not only failed to ward off the kidnap but did nothing to rescue the girls.

The Nigerian government during the horrific Dasuki era in attempting to mislead the public on the kidnapped girls put out a reckless and insanely wicked and heartless message, further jeopardizing the safety of the girls, that all but eight of the girls had been freed. This lie lasted a few hours till a parent of an abducted girl loudly denounced it.

Thanks to a series of brutal failures of the Dasuki administration that has been accused of being so embroiled in corruption, using the cover of the Boko Harma terror war to loot billions of dollars meant for kitting the army, the Chibok girls are no where to be found today; some are said to have died, some have been forcefully married with many having had kids from that and also out of wedlock, some sold and all other types of sad fates have befallen the rest.

Boko Haram "doctor" for Dasuki
Boko Haram “doctor” for Dasuki

The Chibok girls have been attended to in hospitals in Sambisa forest if at all. This is where Dasuki should be sent for his medical therapy. He should be treated with those drug sachets we see on the jungle floors in pictures of raided camps.

Dasuki has been a part of Nigeria’s governments for at least 20 years added up. His step brother, Gusau has been a part of governments for as long or longer. These are the people who make up 30 years of Nigeria’s pain via PDP godfathers (14 years of military misrule-IBB et al) and also have been part of PDP sons’ (the past 16 years of PDP democratic misrule-GEJ/OBJ) administrations. These are the people who have ensured that there are no standard hospitals in Nigeria this 2015. These are the people who have deprived us of security, progress and the luxury of reasonable comfort and hope in Nigeria.

How many of us can afford to travel abroad when our health ails? How many of us can afford to eat three square meals in the wrecked nation that Dasuki and co have left us? Truth is, everyone from Jonathan’s administration or who supported him and his party is guilty until proven innocent.

It is unbelievable and a big shame that Dasuki has the effrontery to request leave to travel abroad to be treated. What nonsense! Where is it in Nigeria’s constitution that a suspect, charged with treason should be allowed to travel abroad for health purposes? Does he know what treason is?

Dasuki is a national security threat. He can or should only be allowed abroad if it is to go and receive his capital sentencing for wrecking Nigeria’s capacity to defend its territory and allowing over 100,000 Nigerians to be killed in the hands of Boko Haram, over 2 million to be displaced and the Chibok girls to be so destroyed for the only “crime” of going to school.

Will any court in UK grant Diezani freedom to leave the UK?
Will any court in UK grant Diezani freedom to leave the UK?

I pray the Department of State Security realizes the violation of allowing an individual charged with being a national security threat and risk, and of treason, to travel abroad. Dasuki should be the last Nigerian allowed to travel abroad for “health” purposes.

As it is for the poor, so it must be for the rich, else the wrath of God will continue to be on Nigeria and we will continue to see deadly chaos from north to south and west to east.

Crying like a baby, “eyaa eyaaa eyaaa, I want to go abroad to see white doctor… eyaa eyaa eyaa!”

Onye’ala like yourself!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian