Turkey: Harun Yahya Empathizes With Nigeria On #BagaHolocaust Massacre of 2000 Fishermen, Farmers

Adnan Oktar [Harun Yahya]


Harun Yahya, the globally renowned pen name of Adnan Oktar, Turkey’s prolific media presenter and author of over 300 books in global issues, has sent a word of solidarity and empathy to NewsRescue and Nigerians on the events of the January murder of 2000 innocent civilians in Baga in Northeast Nigeria.

Harun Yahya a NewsRescue partner is the initiator of “Building Bridges” a global humanitarian project and is director of A9 TV network in Turkey and across the Middle East.

In an email to one of our editors, titled, “Condemning the Baga attack,” Burcu Cekmece  from Istanbul, on behalf of Harun Yahya wrote:

On behalf of my brothers and sisters here in Istanbul, and Harun Yahya, we condemn the killing of 2000 people in Baga, Nigeria by the terror organization Boko Haram.

We are making efforts as you also know day and night to stop this fanaticism that is spreading like a contagious disease all over the world. But to correct that radicalism, the world needs to refer to the truth of Islam, which is in the Qur’an.

Allah forbids all acts of violence, our religion’s essence is sincerity in faith and there is no compulsion (Surat al-Baqara, 256). And hypocrisy is not acceptable in the Sight of Allah, everyone must embrace religion with honesty and lovingly.

Therefore, all fanatics and extremists, who act in the name of religion, are actually in opposition to religion. This is seen in their extremism – Allah forbids extremism of all kinds and bloodshed, violence, terror. Even the Prophet Moses (pbuh) was sent by Allah to the Pharaoh to communicate the fact of creation and religion with gentle words and kindness, in case he would take heed.

Islam is a religion of peace and love, and that is only with the Qur’an. Otherwise, as you also know very well, bigotry is a dark danger. And I kindly would like to inform you of the recent book of Harun Yahya:

Bigotry: The Dark Danger http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Books/191085/bigotry-the-dark-danger

Dark Danger Bigotry http://www.darkdangerbigotry.com/

You may consider giving a link to the website or the book on your website if possible, that would be very informative for everyone.

We are following the way shown us in the Qur’an, that only with truth, the falsehood will be overcome. And the way of explaining truth is with words, intellect, knowledge, science, arts and facts. And thank you so much as always for contributing to our efforts.

Love and peace, Islam will prevail and we as Muslims need to persevere with steadfastness, abiding by good morality, teaching, communicating, talking, writing and spreading the truth of Islam with gentle words and kindness as commanded by Allah.

All the best regards and wishes,

Burcu Cekmece

Istanbul, Turkey