Unvaxxed Forced To Fight Two Wars As Mainstream Media Peddles Hate


by Perry I. Brimah M.D., M.S.

Unvaccinated citizens across the world have been pushed into fighting two battles courtesy of the vaccination coercion narrative being peddled by the mainstream media and governing bodies.

While millions across the globe hesitant or unable to be vaccinated, fight for survival against Covid via various means, including supplements like high doses of Vitamin D and the use of zinc, this population group has to contend with another war: the battle against hate being peddled by an overzealous media and state governments.

False narratives and fake science is commonly used to push the vaccinated populace against those who have not been vaccinated. The unvaccinated are blamed for the prevalence of covid and accused as responsible for new cases despite no scientific justification for this. We must reject such hate promotion.

A recent CNN article peddled this type of hate.

Captioned, “This father’s 1-year-old boy is hospitalized with Covid-19. He’s pleading for you to get vaccinated” the first line of this article read:

“(CNN)An Arkansas father of a 1-year-old hospitalized with Covid-19 is telling people to get vaccinated so another parent doesn’t have to face the uncertainty and fear that he’s living with.”


While the vaccinated father who may have actually infected his son, can be excused for being ignorant of the science, CNN cannot be excused for stoking hate.

The Vaccine Does Not Prevent Transmission/Infection of Others

The reality according to latest updates from the Center for Disease Control, CDC is that vaccinated transmit the Delta strain of Covid just as often as the unvaccinated. Accusing the unvaccinated in his son’s condition is uninformed, unscientific and harmful. The vaccine does not prevent transmission. Period. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky made this fact abundantly clear.

Silent Spreaders

In actuality, the vaccinated are perhaps more likely to silently carry and spread the disease than the unvaccinated who more often come down with symptoms, and quarantine immediately, are admitted to controlled hospital settings or die and get out of the way. In contrast the vaccinated silently carry the virus, more often without symptoms and transmit it to kids and adults alike. Spikes in covid cases in Israel and other highly vaccinated states corroborate this.

Most recent updates on the prevalent Delta strain reveal that the vaccinated carry and transmit as much virus as the unvaccinated. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said this July:

“But with the delta variant, a mutated and more transmissible version of the virus, the level of virus in infected vaccinated people is “indistinguishable” from the level of virus in the noses and throats of unvaccinated people.”


Many citizens have or are worried about health conditions including risk for immune diseases, Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) or are pregnant or hopeful and for these reasons may be hesitant to get vaccinated. Others are too young to be vaccinated or are worrying about possible side effects or the emergency use authorized vaccines in kids. For whatever reasons, right or wrong, the law and Nuremberg code stipulates that no one can be forced to take experimental therapy.

Why Stoke Hate To Spread Vaccines When Herd Immunity Now Off the Table?

The initial argument which was the basis of intimidating and coercing the entire populace towards vaccination, was the “Herd Immunity” target. However currently world health bodies including the CDC have removed tis objective from the table. Herd immunity is unachievable thanks to the Delta strain virus that spreads as easily through vaccinated as it does through the unvaccinated. Herd immunity only works when the vaccinated do not transmit the disease and as such act as a barrier between the infected and the potential new victims. Dr. Sir Andrew Pollard, head of the Oxford vaccine group that developed Covid vaccines recently closed the topic of herd immunity in an address to the UK parliament.

With herd immunity off the table, why is the mainstream media still stoking anti-unvaccinated hate? Due to the over-utilization of medical facilities by sick unvaccinated patients? If this is the case they need to make that the new reason for vaccination targets and push that instead of helping promote unscientific accusations that blame the unvaccinated for cases of disease in kids and others.

As Dr. Pollard suggested, the conversation today should be “living with Covid,” offering vaccines to the weak and most vulnerable as is done with the seasonal flu, increasing the capacity of emergency health care delivery and better management of active cases, and not creating social angst propelled on false and misleading information.