War Weary 22 yr-old American’s Open Letter To Congress

Sept. 1, 2013

Open letter to Congress:

Dear Congressmen,

I am a twenty-two year old American citizen. I believe I speak for many in my age group in saying that I’m incredibly weary of conflict and our involvement in the Middle East. I’m sick to my stomach about the piles of lies and broken promises fed to us by the previous and the current administration. It’s also worrying that overseas we’re now seen as more of a force of evil than good. Keep in mind that for every innocent person killed with our drones, missiles, and guns, there’s an entire family and community turned against us.

As Americans, we’ve all given up an amount of our individual freedom in an effort to combat terrorism. Some have even joined the military in an effort to defend their families, friends, and fellow citizens. Many servicemen and women come home physically or psychologically disabled, or not at all. There are children entering middle school who have never seen America at peace and it’s become normal to see headlines detailing foreign intervention and conflict. How much more are we expected to sacrifice? I’m sure you see the how the situation in Syria could easily escalate. I urge you to keep all of this in mind when the question of intervention comes up for a vote.

NewsRescue Editor- This brief but cogent letter was written by a CNN commentator in response to US President Obama’s letter to congress seeking support for military action against Syria.