“Youth Hired To Protest In Favor Of Kaduna Demolitions”

Sir-Nura Muhammad Nasan

Some appointees of Kaduna State Government have sponsored some youths who are to claim to be from Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3 to carry out a protests today in Kaduna supporting the State Government in demolition policy and also demand that the demolition must continue.

The protest will be kick started from Kawo Bridge to Government House Kaduna.

At present, operation Yaki have been stationed to give protection to the protesting youths.

My Advice: Our youths must wake up and do what is right to themselves. They should understand that they are only being use when the government have a selfish interest to protect.

Let me remind our youths of Kaduna State that this same Government of ElRufai appoint a grand father of almost 68years old as Commissioner of youths and sport.

Was there no youth to occupy that position? Who knows the problem of the youths better than them?

Almost 99% of it Cabinet members are above 50years, are the youth not capable to work with him?

We must wake up and understand that we are not only tools of protest in protecting selfish interest. We also advised Kaduna state Government under the leadership of Nasir Elrufai to be strictly to people demand, not Impunity and dictatorship.

Hiring youths to protest for an inhuman activities is a violation of the Nigerian act and we called on Human Rights to stop this unnecessary doing.