On the #Zaria Massacre: Why Insurgency Thrives in Nigeria

July 29, 2014


Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari

It was a sad and unfortunate story on most Nigeria’s media that on the penultimate Thursday 24 of July this month, that some innocent members of the Shia movement in Nigeria where allegedly killed by some security forces while they are on a generally peaceful demonstration in solidarity to the innocent people of Gaza city in the State of Palestine that are been bombarded and killed by the Jewish entity of Israel since 7 th of July; which is the 10th of the blessed month of Ramadan Mubarak.

While the official statement from the authorities are yet to be out, what is certain is that, there was high handedness and use of unnecessary force in what the government might had perceive as ‘security threat’.

Military agents and indeed security agencies around the world many a times do ill perceive the civil rights of the citizenry as security threats, fuel subsidy demonstrations of 2011 is a clear example.  At times they do claim that Gun shots were fired to them or that material known for violence were seen at the since of civilian demonstration, that was the reason by Egyptian security forces against innocent protesters killed near a prison where the deposed Muslim brotherhood leaders and Muhammad Morsi the former president were held.

When an officer is killed by any unfortunate unintentionally accident or unforeseen violence, the military will then act as if a war was declared against the state, their country. That was what happened in Baga in Borno state. Likewise that was what happened in Zaki Biam in Kaduna state, Odi in Bayelsa state, Benue state and many a times in the Niger Delta. This looks like a long standing code for the Military, because even during the Colonial Era, thousands of villagers where killed in a village in Sokoto state because a white Colonial officer was sent to them and he was allegedly killed thou without wound.

In Nigeria, mass death by the bullets of the military and paramilitary is nothing new to the populace. I remember in my state Katsina during the pro-Shariah protest many people were shot by the police while they match to protest meet late Governor Yar adua in government house.  I also remember many people killed while protesting peacefully because they protest against blastphamy of the cartoon of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in 2006. Likewise many people killed during the anti-miss world blastphamy in 2002. I later come to learn that most military around the world are trained to be isolated and not allowed to interact much with civilians, as such do not know their plight or know little as far as their profession is concerned.

The military are the thugs, they are the dirty players of the state, they are meant to play dirty in protecting the state against internal and external enemies. In many of the contemporary developing countries, their function I contrary to their importance. They are been used by the political leaders to achieve many political gains. Politicians ague that military and para military should not vote so that they will not be politically inclined. But unfortunately they are been used by the same politicians to create mischief. Military to some degree should be allowed to interact and be part of the society. They should be allowed to be part of the progress and part of the solutions without necessarily partaking in our political struggle.

  An urgent independent investigation should be and must be carried out for justice to prevail. Injustice, failure in delivering justice, delaying justice and acting unjust are the main causes of insurgency. Security of lives and properties should be principally the primary first main aim and objectives of any functioning government. The second function of the government should be maintain the first function. The third function should also be perfecting and enhancing the first objective. In Nigeria, reports by investigative committees, advices from governmental and non governmental organizations all mostly discarded and not implemented. The judicial system is corrupt and psychopath. A times you hear of bribery and unethical acts in the courts. Legislation are enacted for personal gains only.

The PIB is now in its fifth  year in the National assembly. The freedom of information bill had to wait for over 10 years before it came into force. The system is ill and needs an urgent overhaul. Since before It started, I am a vehement supporter of the on going national conference if the conference will truly redefine and reshape Nigeria to a better state. Though from onset, the conference was dead on inception/reception. The delegation was loop sided, 192 from the north while 300 from the south. The modalities adopted by the leadership of the conference is ill and biased.

The answer to a better Nigeria depends and lies on the hands of Nigerians. We contribute to the problems at individual levels and must contribute to the solution at different angels/levels.

I call on Nigerian compatriots to please be patient and law abiding. Pray for the intervention of Allah. May Allah reform Nigeria ameen.

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari

 Katsina local government area Katsina.
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