To Boko Haram c/o Salkida

Ahmed Saldika

June 3, 2014


There are very few things I have been unsure of. This is not one of them. That this letter will reach the commanders of Boko Haram, that I am certain; because I am employing the most reliable Courier and message highway to, between and for Boko Haram via open media. Courier is one of the few people on the planet who met with our abducted girls, according to news reports. Yes he has such high access; he flew into Nigeria from Dubai on President Jonathan’s request, waltzed into Sambisa, met with his old friends, the commanders of Boko Haram and saw the 234 girls!

Saldika brokered a deal to free the girls in exchange for – according to him – a couple dozen non-combatant terrorist members and sympathizers. When Jonathan reneged on the deal, Saldika hopped the next flight back to the UAE. Word on the street is, Saldika is not afraid of Boko Haram, he is afraid of the Nigerian government security services who know that he knows – the connections of Boko Haram with the government, etc, etc, and it is from these Nigerian government members that he puts himself on self-exile.

Before I word my message to Boko Haram, let me clear Saldika’s name. Apart from being used clearly with multiple references, as a mouth piece for Boko Haram, thanks to his unscreened and unedited public access through Nigeria’s unprofessional media, Saldika is not a Boko Haram. Many times in the past, for instance when Nigeria announces Boko Haram has signed a cease fire, Saldika quickly releases a media article, or better put, a Boko Haram Press release, saying that “the government is lying and all Boko Haram cells should remain active.” He used to ‘clean up’ their image and pass along their adverts.

Here was one such example that betrayed our confidence in the wisdom of the Nigerian media:

Boko Haram Ceasefire? Do Not Be Fooled, Nigerians By Ahmad Salkida

“…Initially what seems to bother the leadership of the sect is how to swiftly get its information distancing itself from the ceasefire announcement to its foot soldiers, having several months ago adopted the Taliban model of suspending issuing press releases anymore, as I learnt the sect has reached out to its members asking them not be distracted. …”

See this announcement published here:

Saldika went to Boko School and University with these boys. It is quite understandable how he would have had to help them with their public press back in the day or risk being slapped around by them. What speaks to his true character is that we notice since he fled to the UAE, he has no longer helped Boko Haram with their Press releases. They’ve not needed that much of his help though, because French media has been more than willing to publish all their propaganda videos. It was interesting and gratifying to notice that the latest release ‘sold’ this time, not to AFP but to UK Mail, was handled responsibly. Daily Mail UK did not publish Boko Haram’s latest stupid propaganda video, but rather just described a few things about it and forwarded it to Nigeria’s security department. Responsible! The world is improving. So yes, we believe Saldika is not one of them and it is not the limitations of UAE State security, but his heart’s position that has stopped him from being a Boko Haram mouth piece since his emigration.

To Boko Haram.

You lot of megalomaniac, narcissistic, heroin intoxicated, heroin peddler, pestiferous, slaughterous, molestations, cancerous, pederastic worms. You are an insult to Africa, North and West Africa, the Timbuktu-Songhai empire, the Kanem Bornu empire, to Islam, to Christianity and to all humanity. You sick, psycho, blood thirsty employees of foreigners and northophobes who wish to destroy the north of Nigeria, kill all the peasant farmers and Cattle rearers and take their farming land and replace the nation’s beef and mutton supply. You pathological, forsaken, vacuous miscreants who are set out to disgrace the names of prophet Mohammed, upon him be peace and the name of Jesus the Messiah, and to earn the Wrath of Allah(s), Elohim, YahWeh, Chineke; the One Lord of Humanity, referred to many by any and many beautiful names. You worshippers of stone, servants of Satan; for Muslim or Christian or other monotheist you are not, because the Bible commands not what you do, and the Quran, a book you do not know, says what means:

“..Had it not been for God’s repelling some people through the might of the others, the monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques in which God is very often worshipped would have been utterly destroyed. God shall certainly help those who help Him. He is All-powerful and Majestic.”- Chapter 22:40.

So that is our message for you. We will repel you. In the past, those of us have repelled those mischief makers of you and that is why humanity and God’s knowledge and worship is on earth today. Because the Lord empowers some of us to repel some of you who vilify His name.

You have your friendship with President Jonathan and governor Shettima to thank. Because, Boko, had they already approved our right to bear arms, by the Lord who made me, we would have swarmed your hideouts and killed you all, just as the government gives you Nigeria’s military APC’s, tanks and guns to kill us. We would have slaughtered you as you slaughtered us, taking no prisoners. We have started, I am sure you notice. You have seen videos and missed your members; and even if it is the last thing some of us do in life, we will kill you (the manipulative hired criminals leadership), because on this earth today, there is no greater pain and stain to us and our dignity as black men and men who fear God, than you filthy miscreants and the Nigerian corrupt, stupid government that made and keeps you.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah for [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian