Dear AFP; Nigerian Press: Where Is Shekau’s Nyanya Video?

Apr. 22, 2014


It has been three days now since you claimed there was a new video out by late Abubakar Shekau. Where is this video? Nigerians are not dummies or fools, happy to be killed and destroyed further by propaganda of some crazy agenda that defeats imagination. Firstly, any message, real or not from Shekau should only be transmitted to the appropriate security quarters; his advertisements should not get free air time as the alleged transcripts of his purported videos get thanks to you. Is it so cheap to advertise on your AFP blog?

You distributed the worthless messages from Shekau’s purported video quickly after the Nyana tragedy, but it is now three days later and no video. What is going on here? Is someone now cooking up the computerized video to go along with the released message to ‘scare’ us with? Do you/will you even bother to release it as you assume Nigerians, battered, dying, discombobulated will not even request to see the evidence?

Which Shekau was it this time? Crooked nose, skinny Shekau? Fat Shekau? Floating head Shekau? Shekau that only appears for 10 seconds? Mentally retarded Shekau? Which of the Shekau’s are we going to see this time, or we will not see any at all?

Here is a piece of advice. Next time the ‘usual source,’ gives you an ad to run for Boko Haram, toilet it. We don’t believe and we don’t care. There is only one message between us and Boko Haram: your mission shall fail, you WILL die.

On behalf of Nigerians, dear press: We are not interested in Shekau videos.  The message of terrorists is one and does not change- they want us dead, anywhere, everywhere, anytime. We get it.  Our message to them- we will kill them. You can take that back to the ‘usual sources.’

Now let us find real, useful stories, like an exclusive report on the people behind the financing of Boko Haram, or the truth behind the broad-day light flying helicopters that assist terrorists in north Nigeria, shall we?

Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian