WARNING: Another “Shekau” New Fake Video Promoted By Media On Boxing Day!

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Dec. 26, 2013

NewsRescue– We have severally advised our readers to be cautious on the many fake video’s of late Shekau being broadcast by mischievous media. We have reported and displayed several fake and doctored videos distributed by unscrupulous media to cause undue apprehension and instigate havoc in Nigeria. See: NewsRescue-Boko Haram: Global Media Busted Promoting Fake Images Of “Ghost” Of Shekau

The latest fake attempt this December 26th was unraveled by Naij:

Boko Haram: New Shekau Video Is False Alarm

The morning of Boxing Day started with a really breaking piece of news: the leader of notorious Boko Haram sect, Abubakar Shekau, made new threats in a fresh video.

Such reputed media sources as Vanguard, {THISDAY} and some others, published an article with a thrilling name: BOKO HARAM VIDEO: Shekau reappears, flays Obama, JTF, others.

What should be noted that the article did not contain neither snapshots (pictures) taken from the so-called “new video”, nor links to YouTube or other places on the web which may contain such a file.

Secondly, the text of Shekau’s speech is absolutely the same as published on September 25, 2013. You may read it HERE.

Therefore, all the threats to Jonathan, Obama, JTF and others, mentioned in the latest articles by Nigerian media, is just a repeat of Shekau’s words from a message made sometime in September 2013 (in case it was a real Shekau, which is also not proved).

Honestly, we do not know why some of the media use old stories to seed panic and frighten Nigerians on these Festive days.