Careless Media Help Broadcast Dead Shekau Propaganda Speech

May green screen

Mar. 25, 2014

NewsRescue has established for its readers that Abubakar Shekau is dead. There have been releases of fake propaganda purported to be from him by dangerous foreign media and careless Nigerian media.

A most recent supposed release yesterday again from the same suspects, France AFP media had an image and no video released. These days there is always no video provided or at best a brief 10 second clip of some ghost like figure–this confirms the ploy and that Shekau is dead. There was also a message from dead Shekau in this purported latest release which stupid Nigerian media helped propagate.

NewsRescue does not do media work for Shekau, alive or dead; so we will not relay the useless speech from his associates in Nigeria and perhaps abroad who utilize the free press to attempt to cause strife in Nigeria.

Please comment on websites that spread the fake and dangerous messages letting them know that they are irresponsible for giving late Shekau’s friends and sponsors free press and by doing so, they are directly causing death.