Diezani Alison-Madueke Launches N1 Billion Media War To Save Her Job

Mar. 24, 2014


By The Paradigm

The embattled minister of Petroleum Diezani Alison-Madueke has launch a 1 billion Naira media war to save her job.

The war as described by an aide in the minister’s camp is to save Ms. Diezani from losing her job. The source told The Paradigm that “having learn from what happened to her colleague in the Aviation Ministry, the minister will not go down without putting on a fight”.

“For your information, her problem is not the traditional newspapers but the new media newspapers on the internet.”

The source further revealed to The Paradigm that “the headache for madam is not the newspapers editors, but those internet news publishers. Madam has a way of settling the newspaper editors, but these internet news website publishers are the major problem”.

It can be recalled that several online news medium led an onslaught against the corrupt former minister of Aviation Stella Oduah, who instructed agencies under her supervision to purchase two N255 million worth of unbudgeted armoured vehicles for her personal use.

Shortly after that scandal was made public, investigations into her academic records also revealed that her Masters and Doctoral degree certificate tendered to the senate before her approval as a minister were forged.

The former Aviation minister was reluctantly eased out by President Jonathan after a public outcry calling for her removal. She has since not been tried for the corruption she supervised as boss in the Aviation sector.

However, in other to safeguard herself from ridicule that might come her way, Minister of Petroleum Resource Diezani Alison-Madueke as launched a N1 billion media war.

The strategy according to our insider source is to ridicule lawmakers who would question her over the profligate manner she managed the countries resources under her care. Last week, investigations revealed that the embattled minister spent at least N10 billion on the lease of a private Jet.

The House of Representatives has figured that it costs the Nigerian tax payer some N10bn to keep Alison-Madueke flying all over the world; even for unofficial trips like an Easter vacation to the UAE last year.

A member of the House of Representatives from Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Adejare, who moved the motion, informed the House that maintaining Alison-Madueke’s jet alone, gulped N3.120bn in the last two years. He also stated that the minister reportedly spent N130m monthly to keep the jet in shape for the next vacation. She uses the private Jet for travelling on official, personal, leisure and sundry assignments.

A very reliable source told The Paradigm that some media personalities have been employed by the minister to set up blogs and website where incriminating articles will be published against the lawmakers. One of such one-article blogs was released on Saturday 22nd March, 2014. The site was advertised through Google ads. Close to N10 million has been spent on advertising alone the source revealed. A major chunk of the fund will be used to “grease the hands” of editors the source said.

Alison-Madueke is notorious for setting up and sponsoring websites who write and advertise stories like “Alison-Madueke the woman cleaning up Nigeria Petroleum Industry” and several other stories and articles.