Boko Haram Terror: As Chad Accuses Jonathan [Video]

False cease fire: President Jonathan and Idriss Deby, linked to Boko Haram


Not too long ago, the Nigerien military accused Nigeria’s army of being cowards, for having been unable to battle Boko Haram. Nigeria via its defense spokesman, Gen. Olukolade responded by accusing Niger of supporting Boko Haram and providing the sect with insurgent fighters; very weighty accusations by any means.

The Chadians have come out harsher. They have leveled direct accusations at the Nigerian Jonathan-led government of repeatedly “stalling” the war against the dangerous terrorists for political gains. The Chadians have said as contained in a March 3rd Reuters report from their army spokesperson, Colonel Azem Bermandoa, that Jonathan stopped them from proceeding to recover terrorized territory under Boko Haram because Jonathan wants to do this himself whenever ‘his’ military gets to it, for ridiculous political points.

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Chad did not just accuse the Jonathan government of stalling the defeat of the terrorists right now during this 6-week election war, but accused Jonathan’s behavior for the past months/years, pointing out that he (Nigeria) failed to “cooperate” with its neighbors to form the Multinational joint task force, MNJTF as agreed in the Paris summit of 2014. Chad claimed that due to choking of its trade with Nigeria by the terrorists it unilaterally decided to take action against the terrorists in Nigeria this January, without necessary permission from President Jonathan.

In the unfolding embarrassing and exposing row between the two auspicious partners, the truth behind Boko Haram and its unusual success in West Africa for the past 6 Jonathan years, as well as the truth of this 6-week election war to finally crush or deactivate the terrorists is coming to the open.

Not only is Jonathan’s midnight friend, his Chadian counterpart, (with whom he signed that treacherous September 2014 cessation of fire-against-the-terrorists “agreement” that allowed Boko Haram recoup, occupy more territory in Borno as well as the top half of Adamawa state, while killing thousands more Nigerians) accusing Jonathan of stalling the war against the terrorists and allowing Nigerians continue to live under the government of the murderous barbarians, but Idriss Deby is also contesting with Jonathan over Boko Haram’s nine-life leader (or his current double as the case may be). As Jonathan announced, surprisingly, that he will capture Boko Haram’s Shekau (Shekau” is a title akin to “Emir”) alive; his Chadian counterpart ensured he shared pants with Nigeria’s president by stating that he knows where Shekau is.

In our article last week, [Boko Haram 6-Week Election war: the Chad MoU, Prisoners of War and Other Critical Questions;, Feb. 28, 2015] we raised some pertinent, urgent issues, making essential inquiries into the details of the Memorandum of Understanding, MoU between the Nigerian army and their Chadian counterparts. We are yet to get an official government response.

In the absence of Nigeria formally informing its people the truth about its engagement with the Chadians, we the people are left no option than to believe what we choose of what Chad says including: the accusation that Goodluck Jonathan stalls the war against the terrorists; that Jonathan did not cooperate with the MNJTF thus directly leading to the Baga massacre of over 2500 defenseless Nigerians and that Goodluck Jonathan continues to use Boko Haram for political purposes.

Our people do not deserve to spend an additional hour, talk less day under Boko Haram government – not for Jonathan’s politics, nor for any other purpose whatsoever. Fighting Boko Haram and providing the people of Nigeria the essential human right to life, security and opportunity, is not a favor by Chad or Nigeria’s government but a duty and responsibility that deserves to be fulfilled exigently.

We summon the Nigerian government to defend themselves and confess and come out clean to tell Nigerians and the observing global community all we need to know.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian