Borno Falls: Boko Haram North Devastation Agenda In Full Steam Now Ahead of 2015 – Says Cham


By Mr Cham

In quick succession the following have been captured by “Boko Haram” in just few days, and right under a stringent State of Emergency:

1. Gwoza town

2. Gamborun Ngala town

3. Buni – Yadi town

4. Mobile Police Force (MOPOL) training school in Gwoza

All these are in addition to many other towns and villages destroyed by “Boko Haram” right under State of Emergency rule in north-eastern Nigeria!

It seems the more we are advancing towards 2015 the more powerful “Boko Haram” becomes, and the more towns and villages they capture and destroy in northern Nigeria in spite of a State of Emergency rule in place! 4 trillion naira (about 30 billion dollars) spent in 4 years to fight “Boko Haram” but yet soldiers are complaining of lack of ammunition and sophisticated weapons while “Boko Haram” has all the best weapons, and that’s why soldiers and their wives are protesting against being sent to battle.

Without even the 4 trillion naira purportedly spent, we know that the Nigerian military has always been well armed. Just check out all our military barracks and formations you will see a wide range of sophisticated weapons and armour tanks bought over the years, but this time the government is deliberately refusing to use them as the protesting soldiers told the BBC World Service recently, which is just a confirmation that a terribly evil regime is on a very sinister agenda of genocide!

This is what happens when power gets in the hands of people suffering from perpetual inferiority complex. They believe that such an opportunity is a once in a lifetime chance they cannot afford to waste, and therefore they will want to eliminate groups or institutions they perceive as responsible for their inferiority complex.

What worries me most is the deafening silence of members of the National Association of PDP Pastors (NAPDPP) on the ongoing carnage and genocide, for their fingers are all over this evil regime which they campaigned for as if their salvation lies on it. Are they shell shocked over the atrocities going on so much that they have lost their speech?

Now that even a MOPOL institution has been captured, what is next?

Well, no matter what happens, this evil regime will be the last corrupt and evil regime that will happen to Nigeria. A gloriously blissful dawn will break forth.

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