BREAKING: Nigerian Army Postpones Election Collation 24 Hrs To ‘Rig’… Mass Thumb Printing Going On At Garki


Nigeria's Chief or Army, Kenneth Minimah
Nigeria’s Chief or Army, Kenneth Minimah

The Nigerian army postponed the collation of the results of the Nigerian general elections for 24 hours today.

NewsRescue sources have confirmed that the Nigerian service chiefs  and NSA summoned the INEC chief earlier Sunday and compelled him to suspend collation of results for 24 hours to allow result manipulation for the incumbent of the PDP.

To this effect the Military was ordered to surround the International Conference Center Abuja, where INEC was billed to have completed collation which has already begun from Mid day Sunday till noon Sunday till the ruling party agents and military chiefs had completed the manipulation process.

The Nigerian elections were extended an extra day to allow for voting in a handful of areas, whereas most results were already collated on schedule for 96% of centers which conducted and completed their elections on Saturday.

Soldiers, Police Mass Thumb Printing At Garki

NewsRescue sources have informed us that members of the Nigerian army and police officers are this minute assembled at GSS Garki, Abuja mass thumb printing ballot papers for the ruling PDP party and incumbent president.

Our investigators have said that upon attempting to visit the location the entire streets around were cordoned by soldiers.

This happening as the nation sleeps. Nigerians will likely wake to a new reality Monday.

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Bauchi, GombeUse Boko Haram To Shut Down , Stop Collation

Related: NewsRescue exclusively earlier broke the news that Bauchi state governor Yuguda was imposing an unusual 24 hour curfew to ‘check Boko Haram terrorists;’ but the public believes this is to actually lock in all citizens to allow PDP ruling party rigging. The curfew has now been imposed!

The letter we obtained:

bauchi letter