Trailing ISIS, Boko Haram to Tel Aviv, by Gordon Duff

Shekau and ISIS' Abu Baghdadi - extremist Sunni Takfiri

Gordon Duff

Since 2011, Israeli planes and helicopters have flown over a hundred verified sorties against the Syrian army and its allies, direct combat support for ISIS/ISIL units operating inside Syrian territory. Such missions would be impossible without forward air controllers on the ground inside Syria, Israeli operatives with ISIS.

Similarly, Israeli mobile artillery in Syrian territory occupied after the 1973 War has stretched a protective umbrella well into Syria in support of ISIS units. Sources within the UNTSO (United Nations Treaty Supervision Organization) operating with advanced radars inside the DMZ (De-militarized Zone) indicate that hundreds of violations have been observed but not reported.

More recently something curious has come to light. Israel has long worked to dominate social media and other internet outlets including Wikipedia. US aid dollars are used to subsidize classes for unemployed housewives, numbering in the hundreds, who “troll” chat rooms, publish smears on Wikipedia and now, after breaking through endless shifting IP addresses, ISIS announcements and threats originate in Israel as well, from the same group.

Recent threats against United States Marines and their families come from the same sources beheading videos originate, also the same sources so many “phony bin Laden” audio tapes and bizarre photographs came from as well. The infamous “Bin Laden Studios” in Tel Aviv is also “ISIS Productions” as well.

Rita Katz of SITE Intelligence, source for much of the fabricated intelligence used by the Bush and Blair administrations to justify the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan after the demolition of the World Trade Center in 2001, now “finds” ISIS material as well. She finds it; a dozen American intelligence agencies including the NSA and CIA lack the skills and equipment of a Brooklyn housewife.

It Gets Worse, So Much Worse

At the beginning of the US air campaign against ISIS, the US Air Force destroyed all potential fuel facilities ISIS could use including Syrian facilities they were afraid might be taken. There are in fact no facilities that produce gasoline or diesel for the thousands of vehicles ISIS uses.

There is no source of fuel for the buses ISIS operates in Mosul, no fuel for their tanks or earth moving equipment, so vital to building their defenses.

Fuel for ISIS has long come from Turkey, supplying ISIS and Al Nusra fighters, the ones who met with Senator John McCain, operating around Aleppo.

mccain isis
ISIS leader al-Baghdadi allegedly the face in the background left side

The rest of the fuel used by ISIS follows the same routes that brought the heavy weapons into both Syria and Iraq, the endless stream of professionally modified Toyota pickup trucks. That route originates in Israel and crosses Jordan and operates under an air umbrella supplied not only by the IAF but Jordanian Air Force as well.

Long ago, it was established that the now tens of thousands of Jihadists flocking into Mosul have transited Turkey and Israel. Last week two girls from the EU were intercepted inside Turkey, heading for Mosul. That same week, however, nearly 1000 fighters transited Israel and Jordan and none were intercepted. Most were flown from Libya using the same planes that CIA rendition services used for moving torture victims to and from black site prisons, planes often laden with Afghan heroin as well.

These planes still carry drugs but now they have other cargo as well including stolen antiquities and refugees captured for organ harvesting or to be trafficked.


Last week, a delegation from the Palermo based International Parliament, including former Iraqi Prime Minster Maliki, was threatened. They have been investigating war crimes committed against the Iraqi and Syrian people, an investigation leading not only into Turkey and the EU but into Israel as well.

Wikipedia has sought to smear the Parliament and its members through what by its own standards is considered an outrageous article. Tracing the authorship of the Wikipedia “editor” involved also led to the source of the death threats as well, IP addresses operating from Haifa, Israel.

The same bank of IP address is also the root source for endless “sockpuppet” pro-Israeli “trolls” and nearly a dozen new “alternative news” sites, some tied to the InfoWars group, believed to be an Israeli intelligence front tied to the Canadian based Bronfman Cartel.

2500 mostly Muslims killed in 1stw eek of January 2015 by Boko Haram/ISIS in Nigeria's northeast and the world did not react: Amnesty international Satellite images of Baga attack, January 2015
2500 mostly Muslims killed in 1st week of January 2015 by Boko Haram/ISIS in Nigeria’s northeast and the world did not react: Amnesty international Satellite images of Baga attack, January 2015

The hand of ISIS, albeit Haifa and Tel Aviv based, was busy recently with wild conspiracy claims of either the death or overthrow by coup of President Putin. Immediately after those rumors were put to rest, stories from the same sources were then circulated citing that the Russian government had been moved to nuclear bunkers after an attempted coup in the United States.

The idea is simple, keep a continual narrative of disinformation going, coordinating the wild conspiracy theories of the controlled alternative media with the wild conspiracy theories that now pass for news in the mainstream media.

Bigger than Thought

Nigeria's president Goodluck Jonathan with Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu
Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu

What has been discovered is not just a group of miscreant housewives living their sexual frustration on the internet under the auspices of a government financed terrorist support program.

The money, the message and the players go further afield than initially believed. Sources inside Nigeria have confirmed that an international organization with access to cash and highly sophisticated communications equipment, not unlike that used by Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World in its blackmail of British police and intelligence officials, is being used there in support of Boko Haram.

An outside spy agency operating in Nigeria has been bribing and blackmailing elected officials and providing Boko Harum with advance knowledge of military actions against them.

Boko Haram pogromhas been limited to mainly Muslim north
Boko Haram pogromhas been limited to mainly Muslim north

The same group may well have orchestrated the shootdown of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over the Ukraine, supplying advanced radar spoofing equipment to hide the identity of the real aircraft involved. Considering the capabilities of these modules, the ability to hide type of aircraft, position, altitude, speed and origin, the plane involved could have originated anywhere and been of any type.

The story is the same, use of advanced military and intelligence capability followed by “spin” using planted stories, phony leaked intelligence, doctored photographs, wild conspiracies now so quickly accepted by the mainstream media.


We have now established a recognizable pattern, signs that a merry band of the “usual suspects,” a veritable traveling circus, is orchestrating events. Despite their training, the obvious massive funding and advanced equipment, despite the ability to plant stories in the media, those who deem themselves “Masters of the Universe” do err from time to time. The Paris “Charlie” attacks is a glaring example.

march of hypocrites

Numerous sources confirm that the Charlie attacks and the subsequent hijacking of the aftermath by the unwanted guest of all time, Benjamin Netanyahu, was an Israeli operation [1] [2] intended to help provide cover for the rigged Israeli elections.

Yes, when vote results differ from exit polls, you have a rigged election. Gambling boss Sheldon Adelson was willing to spend up to $100 million to guarantee Netanyahu’s continued rule over Israel. Without his status as a world leader, Netanyahu would be far less effective not only as a “handler” for espionage rings operating against the United States but as a direct representative of Adelson’s gambling empire in Japan and around the world.

The “Charlie” attacks were simply a favor for Netanyahu, a few phony videos, the murder of a French police official who got too close to the truth, that and the obscene circus, another case of the perpetrator mourning the victims.

Strange Bedfellows

This week, President Obama indicated a change in the US relationship with Israel. Statements made by Netanyahu involving a Palestinian solution, wildly differing statements, has permanently burned any relationship between Israel and the Obama presidency.

Sources indicate that not only is Obama considering backing a UN resolution for a “two state solution” in Palestine, he is also considering having Israel named “an illegal nuclear state” as well. This designation, long backed by US security assessments, requires no legislative approval but immediately triggers laws requiring broad sanctions including freezing accounts, ending foreign aid and placing many key Israeli leaders on “ban” lists.

Both American and UN nuclear non-proliferation organizations have established that Israel is the world’s most blatant trafficker in illegal highly enriched uranium and restricted processing equipment.

What parallels this is the cooling in relations between the Russian Federation and Israel. US backing of the Kiev junta and the propaganda war against not only Russia but the endless personal attacks against President Putin originate from Israel or press organizations long recognized as Israeli controlled.


Thus, at a time when the US seems to softening its position on Syria and the removal of President Assad, both Russia and the US have become increasingly suspicious of Israeli interference in their domestic political affairs.

Part and parcel to this, as an adjunct to the seemingly endless stream of press hoaxes, Syrian “no fly zones” or the missile attack on MH17, is that other trail, arms to ISIS, jihadists on a “magic carpet” to Mosul and, of course, Wikipedia and the “Tel Aviv troll brigade,” all telling the same story. The trail leads to Israel.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook
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