Buhari And The APC Crisis

General Buhari

by Abdulbaqi Jari,

The All Progressive Party (APC), is now the ruling party of Nigeria. As an amalgamation of many political parties from diverse sociopolitical and religious backgrounds, against all odds the party made a history by becoming the ruling party of Nigeria on May 29 2015. The APC is now facing a very big challenges from within. Challenges that the party has never witnessed in its One year life. The challenges are; an indifferent President, aggrieved and ambitious members, political ideology and implementing changes promised to Nigerians.

The APC has to get it right now. Nigerians cannot afford another leaders/party that only care for the well being of few Nigerians. The recent election of National Assembly (NASS) leadership is an indication of deep cracks in the party. Some ambitious party beneficiaries truncate the will of the party by conniving with the Peoples Democratic Party to get power. It is sad that Mr President was Indifferent of the matter. If party members understand that ” the end justify the means”, then some of them may even undermine him later. The party ought to have punish them immediately. Both APC NASS members and state governors of the APC are beneficiaries of the party, why harming the interest of the party.

IG the APC is to continue like this, then by 2019 people may totally lack confidence in the democratic process. If the APC is to play its card well, it can become the ANC of Nigeria. Buhari may then become another Mandela.

Mr President should rein over this crisis. Their must be party loyalty. The party must mean something. The President is the leader of the party and must act as such.

Abdulbaqi Jari