PDP Slammed For Commenting On President Buhari’s Foreign Tours

Buhari: Everybody Is Talking, PDP Sef Put Mouth

The most corrupt assembly of human beings – if we can even call them such – in human history just passed a comment about the new administration and it got some of us doubling up, breaking in half with laughter. Nawaoh, everyone has idea and comment, even PDP sef.

The article the PDP carcass published, which I saw in the Vanguard was captioned, “Buhari’s tour (of Nigeria’s neighbours) exposes APC’s hypocrisy – PDP.” In it they reposted that lie they created that “Buhari supposedly said he will make dollar to naira 1:1,” querying why he had not already done their cooked-up allegation in his ten days in office. I bent over. Perhaps when they have rebroadcast that cooked up claim 93 times it will become a fact that Buhari had actually promised such.

And then they took what they thought was a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari for this statement, “It’s a big disgrace for Nigeria. It is now Cameroon and Chad fighting the insurgency more than Nigeria. We will build the capacity and Nigeria should be able to secure its territorial integrity,” which Buhari told Reuters on February 6th, 2015.

It is by the grace of God that Nigeria still exists after the beating it took from these incompetents. Lord! They lack respect and make waste of comprehension. That the president ridiculed the 30 years of Babangida and his PDP sons that allowed Boko Haram evolve in the first place under the watch of devoid PDP NSAs, the Babangida boys, the Gusaus and Dasukis, to the extent that we had to seek help of our neighbours, is something they lack the neurons to appreciate.

That senseless and hapless Babangida and his PDP creations’ corruption for 30 straight, horrific and deadly years had dilapidated our military capacity so much that they needed help from their neighbours to contain a local threat, is too complicated for these dollar-worshipping and dollar-stupefied remnant of a party with its ex-dictator goon godfathers to comprehend.

That terror PDP-son, Jonathan left Boko Haram for so long, while wining and dining with its sponsors, it got out of hand and spilled into neighbouring countries, becoming a regional and multinational complex problem, is out of their league of mentation.

I don’t blame them though. It is because in the 10 days, Buhari has not yet sent them to to the gallows or jail where they belong for all their war crimes as the UN has been reminding him, multiple crimes against humanity, greatest corruption record in the history of humanity and what not. That’s why they still have mouth to be talking. Shameless kakistocrats.

This time around Buhari will not shut them up for their treasonous statements in exploitation of so-called freedom of the press; this time what we will do is give them ample space to display their stupidity. Make unna talk dey go, Aye-ayes.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian