French Chadian Rebels Capture Nigeria’s Northeast; Forcefully Conscripting Hundreds of Nigerian Youth – Report

False cease fire: President Jonathan and Idriss Deby, linked to Boko Haram
Idriss Deby
Idriss Deby

Leadership -French Chadian Boko Haram mercenaries have now taken over the administration of most communities seized by the insurgents in the northern part of Borno State where they, amongst other things, sit in court to adjudicate on communal disputes, escapee villagers have reported.

Witnesses said the Boko Haram terrorists have now replaced all the sacked government institutions as they now rule over those who could not escape from the seized communities with an iron fist, sword and bullets.

Some of the escapees from Gajigana village in Mobbar local government council of Borno, where the Boko Haram had last Thursday attacked and killed about 30 persons, injured several others and burnt down half of the communities, said about 10 local government areas are now under the full command of the insurgents.

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No less than 12 local government councils of the state, mostly in the northern district, are currently under the stranglehold of Boko Haram, Leadership reports

Janjaweed Connection: President Jonathan embraces Borno ex governor implicated as Boko Haram sponsor
Janjaweed Connection: President Jonathan embraces Borno ex governor implicated as Boko Haram sponsor

Kalli Abdullahi, a resident of Gajiganna who managed to make to Maiduguri, said the insurgents that attacked them were tribesmen from Mangal in Chad Republic, adding that they are now administering the conquered territories.

“The Chadian rebels from Mangal now preside over meetings in most of the villages”, said Kalli. “The sit in courts and hear disputes and pass judgement for the locals who are in dispute with one another.

“Just before they attacked Gajigana last week, the Manga tribesmen of Chad normally came around to judge the people. As a matter of fact, some days before the attack on Gajigana, there was a problem between one of our friends and a Fulani man who took his herd of cattle into the farm of our friend. After our inability to resolve the ensuing dispute – which had taken a dangerous dimension, we had to report the matter to Boko Haram men, who came to resolve the matter. They found the Fulani man guilty and ruled that he must pay a fine equivalent of five bags of beans within 24 hours face the death punishment; and the Fulani man quickly complied.”

On why the terrorists attacked the serene village of Gajigana, the source said that the terrorists had accused the villagers of reporting to security operatives that a forceful recruitment of young men in the surrounding villages was taking place.

For that crime, they staged a major attack on the village of Gajigana last week.

Kano bomber girl from Chad says over 300 similar Chadian girls were recruited and sent to Nigeria
Kano bomber girl from Chad says over 300 similar Chadian girls were recruited and sent to Nigeria

“When the terrorists came attacking, we heard them saying that we were the ones that went to report their secret recruitments around Gajiganna. As if that was not enough, they suddenly started burning houses, and those of us who were lucky escape took to the bush for days until we arrived in Maiduguri this Sunday (yesterday) morning.”

According to Abubakar, towns and villages in about 11 local government areas in northern Borno, comprising “Abadam, Kukawa, Marte, Ngala, Dikwa, Mobbar, Nganzai, Magumeri, Marte, Kala-Balge, and Monguo, had all been deserted by the security forces, except in some few local government headquarters.

He added that the insurgents and their Chadian rebels had mounted closer surveillance of all movements and activities on the residents, and any person caught discussing their activities is severely dealt with.

“They monitor every movement, all the things we do, the kind of people you meet with and sometimes they would call you to ask what you discussed or what you heard people discussing. If you lie in your response and they find out, they will get you and kill you so as to instill fear in the people, who will then tell them everything they know,” he said.

An official of the Nigeria Vigilante Group, Muhammed Gava, also confirmed the incident in Gajigana, saying that 11 persons died while 17 others were taken to hospitals with serious injuries.

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