CNN Video Reveals Up to 1 Million Could Have Been Killed In Boko Haram Holocaust


A CNN video that interviewed suffering displaced persons near Abuja, the federal capital of Nigeria by extrapolation indicates that as many as one million Nigerians may have been killed by Boko Haram over the years.

In the video in which an escapee said that some Chibok abducted girls were still alive, she having seen about 24 where she was held hostage, the 2000 people in the camp further responded to questions asked about how they had been directly affected. When asked if they knew of victims personally, practically all said one or more family member had been killed.

This is the method used to determine and record lists of killed. On an average for over 3 million displaced persons with most having witnessed the deaths of their siblings and relatives, the estimates of dead since the beginning of the crises at the assumption of power by the Goodluck Jonathan administration could easily run into the hundreds of thousands to millions, experts say.

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