Corrupt Borno SEMA Boss Slaps IOM Staff Translator In Front of UN, Foreign NGOs

Borno state Gov. Kashim Shettima

By Sheikh Abdullah Yerwama March 8, 2017

From the looks of things, the Borno State Government can no longer shield the Executive Chairman of SEMA, Eng. Ahmed Satomi who has been going in and out of controversy since his assumption as the alpha and omega of the State Emergency Management outfit.

Months ago, the Borno State House of Assembly at its general sitting unanimously passed a resolution and directed the executive arm of government to sack the SEMA boss for reasons of incompetence, lack of due process and cases of diversion and stealing of food items meant for the idps.

For reasons best known to the executive arm of government, the SEMA boss has survived that resolution.

Many media outfits including an investigative report undertaken by The Cable news revealed of details how the SEMA boss and his associates divert and steal food items (

These are donations by local and international non-governmental organizations, different state governments, foundations and philanthropist from all over the world.

In a twist of fate however, an incident that exposed the atrocities of the SEMA chairman appears to have finally occured last week.

During the visit of the delegation from United Nations Security Council and other donors from the diplomatic mission in Nigeria, March 5, 2017, the SEMA boss was said to have slapped one Amina Yakubu, a staff of the International Organization for Migration, IOM, who was translating the complaints of the idps to the delegation.

Amina was translating to the delegation the complaints of the idps about how bad they are managed by the agency.

This occured at Teachers Village IDP camp along Pompomari Bypass where idps from Ngala, Kukawa and partly Mafa and Bama are camped.

The delegation who were there for an interaction and assessment, disappointed with the behaviour of Mr. Satomi, suspended the session and left.

Consequently, the SEMA boss, provoked, sent a strong warning signal to staff of IOM and other NGOs taking care of IDPs in various camp, adding he will deal with them.

This outrageous incident, violation and humiliation towards assisting NGOs must not be swept under the carpet as this singular act is capable of jeopardizing the activities of many NGOs as they are not sure of their safety any longer and it should be strongly condemned.

In the past, Mr. Satomi was reported to have sabotaged the effort of IOM when it was undertaking biometric registration of all IDPs with a view to registering them. Where he did, is still clear.

Though the governor, Kashim Shettima, is aware of these serial violations, he is yet to take any action. The public is now keeping an eye out for what decision he may take: whether to once again shield him or finally sack and punish him.