Dangote Gives Pennies To “Beggars” 65,500 Women In Adamawa And Yobe In Spurious Grants

“Headlines: ‘Empowering’ Women with $61.00” … The insult to Nigeria’s women!

Sept. 24, 2013

by Hamza Suleiman

NewsRescue– The media is awash with so-called grants by Aliko Dangote to women and youth in Adamawa and Yobe state, to the tune of N655 million ($4 million) to be given as cash to ‘assist the women in starting petty businesses’. 65,000 women are to receive N10,000 each, that’s $61.00 a piece in the scheme/scam. Admittedly, he certainly bought a lot of press for a mere $4 million.

The true level of destruction of Nigeria by Aliko Dangote is well covered and only covered on NewsRescue. You will not read of how he turns Nigerians into beggars on any other media, thanks to Dangote cement and Dansa juice advertising with which he has ‘bought’ all Nigerian media companies, just like the mogul bought the nation its dying president, Yar’Adua and inadvertently bought the nation its current and troublesome president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Immunity from criticism of the press bought by paid sponsored ads

dangote cementDescribed aptly by the United States in wikileaks as ‘Beggar-thy-countrymen’ Dangote. The policies of Africa’s richest man are well tailored to destroy what is left of the essence and fabric of the Nigerian masses. Nigerians, aided by a corrupt and ignorant press, focus on their government only, not realizing the elite who install the leaders, support them, are worse than them and plunder the nation non-stop.

Dangote Represents The Cabal That Plunders Nigeria; Behind Nigeria’s Ugly Politics

Dangote's mentor, Bill Gates calls Dambisa Moyo, author of "Dead Aid" a killer
Dangote’s mentor, Bill Gates calls Dambisa Moyo, author of “Dead Aid” a killer

Thoroughly trained by his mentor, Bill Gates, Aliko Beggar-thy-countrymen Dangote incorporates the big corp own it all and turn them into beggars, new world order exploitative economics in Nigeria.

Dangote has been given sole-importation and sole-manufacture rights of so many commodities in Nigeria. His crony, ex-president Obasanjo literally carved up and transferred the nation to him and his likes. These men are the cabal.

Destroying small businesses, the bane of the economy and the subsistence and dignified insurance of survival above begging of the masses, by blocking imports of all products Dangote manufactures, the government of Obasanjo in policies continued by Dangote-Obasanjo imposed Jonathan, crippled very many small businesses and entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Aliko Beggar-thy-countrymen Dangote

This beggar-thy-countrymen principle is executed by them, after stealing trillions of dollars directly through Federal government projects, through corrupt kick-back privatization, tax evasion and being granted sole and government supported commodity import and production rights, effectively killing competition and then fixing outrageous prices; by then giving peanuts to the masses in purported poverty alleviation schemes or better put, scams to buy gullibility, allegiance and divination.

With a paltry $61.00 a piece, according to time tested and documented economic studies, there will be absolutely no poverty alleviation in these women and youth. These ‘beggars’ will have a meal on their table for a week, and then that is it. These new beggars will now feel indebted to Aliko Beggar-thy-countrymen Dangote for his spurious endowment, that has only complicated their misery and increased their shame.

We have all heard the Chinese proverb:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

NewsRescue recently wrote: Forbes Lists Dangote As Africa’s Richest Man: His State Has 1.5 Million Almajiri’s (Beggars)

It is great to know Aliko Beggar-thy-countrymen Dangote, who is famous for saying that Boko Haram terrorism is not Nigeria’s big problem, rather the lack of infrastructure (which he alone can build and his cement will be used for) is Nigeria’s biggest problem, will soon be addressing the terror related problem of the 1.5 million Almajiri’s in his state. He will soon in this same principle, give them each $61.00 in grants to ‘set up businesses.’

Pennies To The Poor

Throwing pennies at the poor is only a method of gaining cheap publicity and feeling of self-worth, while further crushing them. This is Dangote’s legacy. We all know that these moneys, a part of the Dangote Micro-grants ‘beggars’ Programme, totaling N10 billion ($60M) will only partly reach these ladies (Dangote beggars), most of it as Dangote well expects and obviously must intend, will enter the paws of the corrupt officials he put in power, buying more of their loyalty and gaining Dangote cement more government jobs. Nigeria’s poor will be on their way out of poverty if Dangote was audited and paid his due taxes, estimated to be well over ten times what he gives in this glorified ‘charity’.

Killing Small-scale Business To Hire A Few Nigerians For His Personal Companies

Dangote Bought Jonathan His Presidency
Dangote Bought Jonathan His Presidency

Aliko Beggar-thy-countrymen Dangote creates jobs by building companies he will use to crush small businesses and operate as an arm of a communist type government, while employing staff (slaves) to work in them. The staff he employs, overqualified Nigerians who work for him in his sole-right companies are the jobs he creates, including when he employs PhD holders to drive his trucks. This is Dangote empowerment.

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Not A Grant, More Like A Debt

Nigeria’s cabal like Dangote steal $10,000 from each woman via their government enforced monopolies, then give back $61.00. For what Aliko Beggar-thy-countrymen Dangote has stolen from Nigeria, the rights and resource Nigerians have lost, carved up and handed to Dangote by Obasanjo and Jonathan, both of whom he paid for their presidential victories; Dangote is to return not to his companies and by giving peanuts to the people, but by real social empowerment. Free infrastructure, road access for the farmers to convey their goods. Free developmental, educational and research institutions. Acquiring land and giving this free to farmers. Providing supported irrigation, security, technology, transportation, etc. These are real contributions, that if Dangote did on any serious level, broadly, Nigerians will be able to say that at least he gave back one tenth of what he stole from them.

Dangote and Obasanjo: Image from Obasanjo Foundation
The Cabal: Dangote and Obasanjo – Image from Obasanjo Foundation

The World’s 40th Richest Man, Whose State Has 1.5 Million Beggars (Almajiri)

Dangote’s name is predicted to crumble just as late multimillionaire Abiola’s name all but crumbled when he passed. It is remembered that University of Lagos students protested and rejected the renaming of their institution after Abiola, despite his wealth.

Already in Dangote’s Kano, they say they prefer a dog walking the streets to him.

A Kano man made this comment about the son of the soil:

Dangote was born and grown up in Kano; but Wallahi; Owella Rochas Anayo Okorocha is far better than him and his so-called father Aminu Dantata. They are killing Kano, they should go to hell with their wealth. A. A. Rano, A. S. A Hadejia and the likes of Na Allah are the kind of people Kano, north and Nigeria want. Forget Dangote, Dog feel more safer than him in Kano metropolis.