Deaths Defenseless In Damboa: Call For Gunrunners

19th July, 2014

Our people were killed today, massacred ‘defenseless’ in Damboa. We are here, alive to chat, debate, read, eat and sleep, but our fellow countrymen, women and children are no more. Some were slaughtered and died on the spot, some hung on and died later and some remain maimed, possibly receiving shoddy health care and possibly not. Some ran, injured into the bushes and are dying there, slowly getting gangrenous and bleeding out with no rescue mission possible as those alive are too scared or hurt to help.

It’s another day of horrific tragedy in the northeast. There is NO emergency medical rescue just as there was absolutely NO military response, ground or air when Boko Haram strolled in at 5am and killed all who had not fled or could not flee into the bushes. Boko Haram killed to their hearts content, most especially the old and sick, the women and infants. They burned all they liked of the farming village and plundered all they could eat, wear and re-supply their camps with.

Nigeria’s military gave up more Armored Personnel Carriers, APC’s and light weight Cobra tanks as well as other variable military vehicles and assorted bombs and guns to Boko Haram earlier this month when Boko Haram came visiting to the Damboa barracks and met an army with broken morale and second-class weapons with not enough rounds to defend themselves. Once again a Nigerian barracks was a cheap take for the terrorists and they were directly provided more weapons and vehicles to continue their massacre of our farmers with absolute impunity.

Are you looking for a sponsor of Boko Haram? Look no further. Money may be hard to track as serial numbers are difficult to capture, but APC’s, light weight tanks and military hilux trucks are bogus and easy to identify. Nigeria’s government via its treasonous military is the chief sponsor of Boko Haram. Boko Haram gets its ammunitions and vehicles from them to use to kill us. If the army did not intend to keep supplying Boko Haram with weapons and vehicles, they should have pulled out of Borno, knowing they have no plan in place to protect their arsenal. They have no choppers and jets to bomb Boko Haram when it approaches and when it leaves… these are more than lapses but direct facilitation and arming of terrorists to decimate the local farming population. Damboa is again a latest victim of what has been happening in those parts over and over for the past four plus years of Jonathan’s rule.

Our soldiers since deserted not just Damboa, frustrated at the superior power of Boko Haram, but they also deserted the army entirely- and we do not blame them – over 162 deserted alone in a single week of this July. Who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t mutiny when your soldiers send you to die and the air force helps Boko Haram bomb you when you have them surrounded? Who will not desert when they witnessed how the Nigerian air force, called to assist at Damboa, rather than bombing the cornered terrorists, bombed and killed their commanding officer, Colonel Abubakar Chamba?

We warned Nigeria that the return of Spy Aliyu Gusau will only further assist Boko Haram. Our warnings have come to pass. Boko Haram has gone from strength to strength, committing their worst yet acts of terror including the biggest single kidnapping event in recent world history and the 5th worst and 3rd worst single bombing events in the past 30 years (according to Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI).), since Gusau returned. You ask, where is Gusau in all this and what are his comments as our girls keep being raped and killed for three months now? Maybe we should ask LEVICK.

James Bridges published in USNI news this May that Nigeria now tops the world for the worst, most violent pirates [see:], Financial Times drew the same conclusion in October last year [See:].  International Maritime Bureau, IMB says the same. All this despite terror Tompolo having been given millions by President Jonathan to arm himself and other ‘ex-terrorist’ civilians allegedly secure the waterways.

With all this there is only one thing can be concluded – we are on own; this is a regime of terror. We will all die shameful deaths on our knees if we do not stand up. South Kaduna again fell victim to Boko Haram marauders who slaughtered them at will. There is no rapid response and no consequence for terror in Nigeria, with terror sponsors being some of the most privileged under the current administration. No story, not a single top sponsor of Boko Haram has been arrested in 5 years of Jonathan, he loves to propagate some rumors of some spook opposition, too hot to touch, being the sponsors… he thinks this will give him a victory and as we see with the hiring of LEVICK, his concern is not us or our reality, not even when our daughters are being raped in the jungle, but all he cares about and sees is a game to win by hook or crook.  They know how to hire foreign LEVICK to launder their stinking linen, but they will not hire Blackwater to find our girls and give us respite from Boko Haram.

It is time to defend ourselves. Shall we leave our people to be sitting ducks to be slaughtered as Abuja dances? We call on any legitimate gunrunner to please supply guns to the people in the outskirts in Borno. Supply good guns to the people in vulnerable communities in Kaduna. He who is without a sword, get one. Please supply to the Vigilante’s and village heads in these communities. Do not break the law, supply to licensed individuals. You know what to do. Once you have supplied these guns, email us [email protected] with bank information, and we will confirm from the people in these communities, we have friends in all these parts, and then we will deposit money in your account. Please supply at reasonable prices, we know the average cost of weapons in Nigeria now.

We refuse to be killed for the dancing pleasure of Abuja. We refuse to have our blood shared.

Get your guns!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian