DEVELOPING: FGN Lied About ‘Defeat Of Boko Haram At Gwoza’

Nigeria's Chief or Army, Kenneth Minimah

Terrorists are being relocated on “agreement” not defeated.


We are able to confirm that Gwoza, the mountainous local government used by Boko Haram was not liberated by the Nigerian military, but rather Boko Haram leadership worked with elements in the Jonathan administration and partially evacuated the town on schedule Friday for campaign purposes.

The Nigerian Defence headquarters Friday announced that the army had recaptured the Boko Haram strong hold. Flimsy details were given, however we are able to confirm that this information is false and potentially dangerous as it may mislead locals to venture toward the region. Boko Haram terrorists are still alive and well and simply stepped out of Gwoza ahead of the acclaimed offensive in a secret deal with the presidency.


It is recollected that likewise there was no battle for Bama days ago, rather the military simply stepped in to Bama to meet it discarded with all the homes and property burned down and many villagers massacred. A similar situation happened in Gwoza where the Nigerian army met an abandoned town as agreed. There was no significant land offensive.

In Gwoza, Boko Haram first slaughtered men and women in the town before taking out most of its forces earlier this month.

Boko Haram is still a threat and in control of not just Gwoza but over seven local governments in Borno state remain under dangerous levels of Boko Haram control and liberal plunder. Boko Haram fighters have not been killed but are still holding strong while reckless lies are being peddled to the Nigerian masses.

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Boko Haram occupied towns include, Alagarno, Kuwa Yangeya, Dalwa and a lot of other villages along Damboa and also on the the Bama axis there’s Gulumba, Darjamal, Kumshe, Wulgo, all safe havens where Boko Haram terrorists are relocating and are in full control.

We have fully confirmed the true situation in Gwoza from Military and civilian sources.

We also heard the undisclosed amounts of money in the millions (USD) are facilitating the favorable negotiations with the terrorists in assistance of Jonathan’s elections appeal.

It is recollected that in a BBC interview six days ago, Nigeria’s president Mr Goodluck Jonathan was pressed to confess ” where are the terrorists?” to which he answered that they are going around Africa and hiding within towns.

Where are the terrorists? BBC inquires 6 days ago

It is recollected that to protect its image Nigeria similarly lied several times in the past. One instance was when the army claimed it had recovered the abducted over two hundred Chibok school girls last April. Another more recent deadly experience of the Jonathan led military lying was when the defence chief Alex Badeh and president Jonathan declared a false ceasefire that led to hundreds of deaths in Borno and Adamawa state.

It is evident the false claim of liberation of Gwoza is aimed at improving president Jonathan’s electability. Nigeria’s embattled leader opposes the odds one to ten in this Saturday’s presidential elections.

Journalists have been hounded, with two AlJazeera journalists just detained by the Military which makes it impossible for independent confirmation of the government’s claims.


An insider at the presidency told NewsRescue that a Jonathan adviser told him to pull ‘Bibi’. That there was no way he will be exposed. It is recollected that during this month’s Israeli elections, the Israeli Prime minister, Benjamim Netanyahu made some outrageous statements, lies and confessions that were mostly to manipulate the electorate.

Hundreds of Boko Haram terrorists are still holding forte at Gwoza as at report time.

Updated: Fake Gwoza Pictures Circulated by DHQ

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