BREAKING: Civilian-JTF Liberate Bama From Boko Haram

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Breaking news from Borno today: The Civilian-JTF liberated Bama from the grips of Boko haram terrorists today. The Civilian-FTF are said to have proceeded toward Gwoza with the backing of the Nigerian army, in pursuit of the terrorists as the joint action against Boko Haram continues.

This happening as Chad and Nigerian military action has destroyed Boko Haram’s command and control. Nigeria’s military has been accsued by the Chadians under directive of president Jonathan to have been stalling the advances of Chadians. This week after Chad displaced Boko haram from Dikwa, the Jonathan government told the Chadiands to step out. This led to Boko Haram coming back and massacring the people of Dikwa.

According to our sources, the Villagers saw the Boko Haram terrorists fleeing towards Gwoza through Ngurosoye and other linked villages. The Civilian-JTF were in hot pursuit along with the Nigerian army.

Boko Haram were said to have dug trenches around Bama where they retreated to after the Chadians drove them out of Dikwa.

Civilian-JTF rifing shot-gun with Nigerian army
Civilian-JTF rifing shot-gun with Nigerian army

Now that there is serious commitment especially by Nigeria’s partners to defeat Boko Haram and block their criss-crossing the borders, the Civilian-JTF who have always been at the forefront in the battle have again shown their mettle, driving out the terrorists and liberating the land.

Nigerian brave civilians are remembered for being the agents of change after their capture of Mubi caused serious embarrassment to the Nigerian military and Jonathan government which caused them to decide this January to seriously engage in liberating Nigeria from the crutches of terror.

Bama has been occupied by Boko Haram since September last year a month before Jonathan declared a fake ceasefire with the terrorists. Since then as many as 20,000 Bama indigens have been killed by the terrorists.

There had been reports of hundreds of troops being moved to Bama over the past days.

The liberation of Bama is a great victory for the people of Nigeria.

We are yet to confirm this report.