Heavy Military Presence Deployed Around Nigeria Ahead of Ruling Party Forced Election Postponement

Soldiers in Lagos Nigeria today ahead of INEC postponement


The People’s Democratic Party, PDP government of Nigeria has ordered heavy military deployments across the nation ahead of a postponement of the next weekend presidential elections.

The announcement of the forced postponement is expected any minute as the “Independent” electoral commission finalizes the statement.

Soldiers in Lagos Nigeria today ahead of INEC postponement
Soldiers in Lagos Nigeria today ahead of INEC postponement

Nigeria’s Jonathan government perceiving unfavorability has been accused of bribing, threatening and unleashing the military to force the electoral commission headed by Professor Attahiru Jega to succumb and postpone the February 14th presidential elections.

The latest onslaught against the commission came in the form of the military threatening the commission that they will not provide security any where in the nation if the elections went on as scheduled.

Citing the deployment of the army to the Boko Haram torn northeast, though the same soldiers are now seen policing the streets ahead of expected protests, the Army claimed that the current last minute pre-election push against the terrorists in collaboration with foreign forces necessitated their refusal to support elections as scheduled.

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Nigeria’s embattled president, Goodlcuk Jonathan is veritably behind the military position and the election postponement as if elections held as scheduled he is certain to lose, however he hopes that some Nigerians will have a change of heart if and after he finally seriously checks the Boko Haram menace that has created millions of disaffected voters, angry with the government’s failure to tale the crises serious for the past five years of this administration.