INVESTIGATIONS: Suspects Behind Attack Of Gombe SSA Babangida Muhammad, Others On Hit List


by IG Wala

Our investigation is taking us close to a lead on who is behind the attack of Alhaji Abdullahi Babangida Muhammad, former SSA Security to Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, who was beaten to a pulp after he tore up his PDP membership card.

gombe pdpThe perpetrators are very much known to the people of Gombe State, most of them are among those given political appointments under the various categories as SSA, SA, PA, etc.

The attack was carried out after a meeting headed by an individual who is close to the Governor. Our source related that, the perpetrators were guaranteed of Government protection even if they were arrested.

The sponsor paid some money to those that carried out the attack and promised them a new car to be used for similar operations until elections are over. In that same meeting, some high valued targets were mentioned but, they can only be attacked after receiving instruction from the sponsor.

Among the list of those to be attacked are Engr. Abdularaqeeb, Gara Gombe and IG Wala.

Part of the reasons given was that, these individuals are fond of using the social media to antagonize the Governor. It is sad though, not surprising that some individuals in Government and the Police in Gombe are aware of these plans and the said meeting.

We shall make our petition to relevant bodies available after completion of our independent investigation.