More Disaster As Boko Haram Seizes Gombe state, Sacks Barracks


There was more disaster this weekend as Boko Haram terrorists seized Gombe state in northeast Nigeria. It was a new catch and the terrorists were seen driving on the streets before they left.

Gombe state is south west of Borno and south of Yobe state and is the farthest hinterland direction the terrorists have moved.

Gombe state is also the state where named Boko Haram sponsor, Ali Modu Sheriff has established his base and from where he heads out to Borno to campaign.

The governor of Gombe state, Ibrahim Dankwambo has ordered a 24-hour curfew.

The terrorists entered Gombe through Dadin Kowa, Kwadam and Hina and attacked ans seized the military barracks.

Nigerian soldiers were seen fleeing the terrorists packed in vans and buses with their families, and abandoned the city to its fate till army jets came and the terrorists left by themselves.

As the multinational forces who the terrorists are afraid of, attack them at the borders, they are expected to run to and cause more harm deeper in Nigeria where they are not as afraid of the Nigerian army.