United States’ Complicity In The Postponement of Nigeria’s February General Election


by Alhassan Haruna Dambatta

From all indication the Americans are taking Nigerians on a Texan ride through a complicit collaborations to have allowed the already postponed February general election to be re-scheduled is an outright endorsement of it, which seems to be the reason why Secretary of state John Kerry was in Nigeria.

The US is known to have worked against popular voice of the people around the world for many many years,especially if such popular voice are not of any advantage or a safeguard to their interest.Likewise,the US have equally supported and propel uprisings,some times violent ones to their advantage and most importantly for the protection ‘US interest’ all over the world is the phrase used by this super power to corn the support of its allies world over.

I can’t imaging why the Almighty US choose to use soft voice and mild manner to channel its position on the conceived postponement of the February elections which was then promoted by the NSA sambo Dasuki in far away Cattam house in London.

Instead of the US to be decisive and use HARSH voice to propel a stern warning against any satanically conceived irresponsibly intended conspiracy to shift the already scheduled February polls,they rather choose to tap Jonathan on the back and only called for the maintainance of the scheduled timetable of the February general election.

The US have consistently maintained the record of giving STERN Warning on any perceived negative move contemplated by any rouge state or groups any where they are in the world and most especially political crisis presently recorded in Nigeria are either encourage if perceived friendly,or thwarted if hostile to US interest.

The US usually use campaigns concurrently to ganner support for public relations to ensure victory for the side it support.

In Nigeria’s situation,the US rather choose to maitained a silence against the predetermined position of the federal government in a scheme of postponing the February general election. Why the Americans choosed to talk with a silent voice ? Is the very question we have to forward to the Americans.

Likewise,the EU could only voice out when the elections where postponed,why? These and many other to come could intensify our curiousity to keep asking the question, why would the US behave the way it did ?. The questions from all indication will also bring into its equation the Israeli support for president Jonathan,and for sure the US can never go against Israeli interest anywhere in the world.

There are many factors behind the scene calculations of which the federal government must have got a nod from an invisible head which give rise to the agitation for the postponement in the first place and the subsequent implementation of the evil agenda which was done successfully.

This is not surprising, becouse few days to the grand plan of postponing the general election,when Kerry was about coming to Nigeria,two top US groups ,the National Democratic Institutute (NDI) and the International Republican Institute submitted a Pre-Election Assessment which faulted all efforts put by INEC to conduct the election as scheduled. this could be a supportive position which further support the Dasuki position earlier postulated in London.

While our Democratic norms,psych and values have already been wounded by the US action,we will never stop asking the question, why? The US was never decisive in stopping the ill conceived,premeditated plan to postpone our February general election which only succeeded in wounding our democracy and further stained our believe in the US promotion of democratic culture around the world.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta.
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