Unless PDP Rigs The Elections; Buhari May Be Nigeria’s Next President, By Eneh John

By Eneh John
With happenings around Nigeria’s political circle, it is a clear indication that day in day out, the tone is set for who will likely emerge as Nigeria’s next president.
The endorsement of presidential candidates by different interest groups have also shaped the race.
But endorsement doesn’t transcend to voting.
With the postponement of the elections, it still will not change how the voting pattern would have still gone.
some of Jonathan’s core loyalist have confessed that Buhari will win the elections, but Goodluck will be announced. That is why they are not bothered.
The PDP knows how they have been winning elections in Nigeria.
But the truth remains and stares us at the face because the same people who are masters of the rigging have also crossed to APC.
This elections promises to be very interesting, not only at the presidential level of contest, but even to the house of assemblies.
With a very viable opposition to face the PDP for the first time in years, there is so much of seriousness to campaign on the part of Goodluck Jonathan and PDP.
The odds favour a Buhari presidency.
It is Nigerians who have decided that even if it is for a single term, another party should be tried at the central level.
There is so much of mass following for Buhari.
I have seen people who have worked for Buhari selflessly without any financial gratification.
But have equally seen people campaign for Jonathan and go home with #5,000 each.
Although the excuse used in the postponement of the elections was lamed, because I believe that if Goodluck Jonathan was leading in the race, the elections would have been held.
The day Jonathan appointed Femi Fani Kayode as his PDP presidential elections media spokesman, that was the day Buhari drew closer to Aso Rock.
In all the elections Buhari contested, he was a lone ranger.
He never did come to the South south to campaign. Even when the campaigns were scheduled, he never showed up.
But all that has changed now.
I have maintained that if only Religion and ethnicity will not envelop our minds in our choices,  then we could always get it right.
I may not list out the people who has done so much of damage to the candidature of mr.president, but Nigerians know them.
The “sai Buhari” chant should never be taken for granted.
It is not a fiction, the people who chant it means business.
If the entire North and south west vote for  Buhari please  what will be left for Jonathan?
It is not late for the PDP to put its house in order, but I know that the only option left right now is rigging.
But who will rig the people’s mandate?
Eneh John is a Journalist and Secretary, Coalition of Human Rights Defenders.(CORHD)
E-mail:[email protected]