Nigeria’s President Jonathan Should Be Arrested Under Terrorism Prevention Act [Video]

May 10, 2014


According to details in a report by Amnesty International, the Goodluck Jonathan government was informed of the Chibok terror attack and abduction four hours ahead of time and failed to respond till the attackers reached the school four and a half hours after the first notice, with the military still not reaching the affected village eight hours after first notice, at 3 am, when the escaping kidnappers took their time to murder villagers and steal food and utilities. Additionally, the Nigerian security department was still nowhere to be seen when day broke and the families with 200 knife and bow-and-arrow armed civilian defense vigilantes set off to track the terrorists and kidnapped girls.

Military spokesman, Gen. Chris Olukolade did not deny the details contained in the Amnesty report, and admitted that the army had indeed received the detailed early warning, way ahead of the attack. Chris Olukolade cited tortuous roadways and ambushes as the factors that delayed an army response for the 5 hours leading up to the attack, and the three full hours of the school and village attack. The military spokesperson failed to explain why no jets were scrambled and no helicopters or drones were sent to bomb the terrorists enroute Chibok, to prevent the attack. He also failed to explain why there was no adequate warning sent to the village to get the people to safety. The General also failed to explain why vulnerable communities that are poorly accessible to the Nigerian military by road, are not given any other civilian defense options to protect themselves.

Important: These details of the events of April 14th, though just released by Amnesty International to the general public, are not new information, but have been available to the federal government security department since April 14th, the day of the attack. That President Jonathan’s government has not yet fired the heads of security, despite the criminal incompetence and failure to protect life as contained in this report, implicates the President in these acts which support terrorism in Nigeria.

President Jonathan went dancing at a campaign rally, the day of the abduction which was also the day after Nyanya terrorist bombing that claimed 72 lives in the nation's capital, ABuja
President Jonathan went dancing at a campaign rally, the evening of April 15th, after the abduction was reported, which was also the day after Nyanya terrorist bombing (second image) that claimed 72 lives in the nation’s capital, Abuja

The President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan should be arrested for violating sections 4 (by supporting terror); section 7 ( by failing to deliver necessary information on terror); section 10 and 13 (by aiding in the financing of terror), of the Nigerian Terrorism Prevention Act, as amended.

This support of terror as exhibited in the security service’s assisting the free flow of terror and abduction in Chibok, follows the same pattern in many northern communities attacked, like Bama, Feb. 18, where likewise, the security department aided the terrorists by not responding for eight full hours. The Shehu of Bama recently ordered his citizens to go get guns, after his town was sacked and he realized that the state security department under Goodluck Jonathan was aiding and abetting the actions of the terrorists and not securing his community. *Note- the Military JTF had seized the fire-arms of the community in the early stages of the military action against terror, hence the civilians who were prior armed with rifles and shotguns were left defenseless and with zero military response in times of terror attacks.

Again, this Presidential support of terror based on a lack of reprimand for the noxious security chiefs culpable in the maintenance of a deadly state of insecurity for the citizens, follows the same pattern the President has exhibited in the Abba Moro immigration recruitment terror action against Nigerians. That Abba Moro is still a minister indicts the President in that similar act of terrorism.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian