“Jonathan is one of the most corrupt Nigerians I ever investigated while at EFCC:” Nuhu Ribadu Compared Then and Now


Jonathan 1Nuhu Ribadu Says During His Campaign In 2011:

“Jonathan is one of the most corrupt Nigerians I ever investigated while at EFCC & his level of corruption even as deputy governor is just disturbing. PDP is just a disaster and a total failure. Change is the only panacea.”

Now he said:

“It’s an undeniable fact, that President Jonathan has done well for Nigeria in such a very short time, and I think he is the answer to the prayer of many Nigerians. I must not be President, but I have vowed to support anyone who shares the same vision I have for Nigeria. And take it from me, President Jonathan has surpassed my vision for Nigeria”- Nuhu Ribadu August 18, 2014.”

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What happened?

If Jonathan was indicted for corruption by Nuhu Ribadu’s EFCC investigation, must this not be completed and justice served? Should President Jonathan not go to jail for his crimes to the devastation of the people of Bayelsa and to Nigeria as a whole- is this not what Nuhu Ribadu if he is an upright person should pursue? Is this betrayal of conscience and entire record as seen with Femi Fani-Kayode and Nuhu Ribadu a mere snippet of what Nigeria will keep seeing – people being bought over with the looted $20 billion dollars the presidency is now sharing?

Nuhu Ribadu caught President Jonathan’s wife, Patience too trying to launder the loot; and seized over $13 million from her in 2006. How does Nuhu reconcile this in his heart? Has Nuhu Ribadu now officially and totally embraced corruption? These are the questions our readers are asking.

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