Kwara APC berates PDP, urges security agencies to avert brewing crises

The All Progressives Congress (APC), Kwara State chapter has appealed to all security agencies in Kwara State to take pro-active and decisive measures to nip in the bud the brewing crises in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) so that further threats to the peace and stability in Kwara State will be averted.
In a statement issued by its spokesman, Alhaji Sulyman Buhari, the APC said, “the leadership crises in the PDP has the potency to worsen the security state of Kwara State”.

“Just few days after the opposition PDP issued a clueless press statement with outright falsehood and distortion of facts, wherein it pleaded with the peace-loving APC to apologise to Kwarans over Ajase-Ipo violence, a fracas the PDP orchestrated and openly celebrated without shame, the Chairman of PDP escaped death by a whisker when an armed mob of angry PDP youths attacked him over the imposition of a factional executives on Ilorin West Local Government Area.

“Kwarans will recall that on the 24th of February, 2014, the APC through a press statement described the opposition PDP as “a badly arranged pack of cards which is bound to scatter”. We knew it was just a matter of time for the PDP to disband owing to the gang up of selfish personalities and power mongers against the sustainable tranquillity and development in Kwara State.

Now, imposition has fallen the PDP aparts, the centre can not hold.

“It is essential we emphasize, the crises in the PDP is not our business. The PDP has always shown that it is an irresponsible political party.

Our concern is fundamentally the peace in Kwara State. It is either PDP thugs are terrorising Kwarans or its Leaders are fighting in the public glare.

It either PDP members are destroying APC billboards or the party leadership is enmeshed in scandals.

“In this light, we urge all security agencies in Kwara State to promptly take pro-active and decisive measures to avert the brewing crises in Kwara PDP so that further break down of law and order will be fore-stalled in Kwara State.”, the statement read.