Million Mask Marches In US And Around The World Against Corrupt Governments And Big Corp.

Nov. 6, 2013

NewsRescue- Masked marches are being held around the world in protest of big and selfish government and their corporate allies.
Demonstrators which included supporters of the Anonymous movement held a rally at White House to protest various US government activities including spying on Americans by the National Security Agency.

The demonstration at the White House is part of a Million Mask March, held in protest against corrupt governments and corporations.

Marches are being held around the world in major cities of America, UK, etc.

At least one protester has been arrested in Denver, USA.

From the Million Mask March blog:

As we all protest, let’s also remember the Anons, hacktivists, activists and ordinary citizens who have been put in prison or are facing the possibility of it for the information they are being accused of obtaining and sharing. You can learn the names and info about the activists/hacktivists who are in prison or indicted by visiting It would be nice if people in every group could make a few signs or posters for these individuals (or others you may know locally too).