Modu Sheriff Confession? Moji Danisa The Latest Jonathanian Terrorist Propagandist

Apr. 24, 2014


Lekan Abayomi

With a sigh, we tell you about Moji Danisa, an arrested ‘publisher,’ who apparently is hired as a Jonathanian hound. Unleashed to go after any ‘enemies’ and clasp its teeth on them. Her recent scam article making rounds is: “The Truth At Last? Ali Modu Sheriff’s Alleged Confession – How We Sponsor Boko Haram

It was published on her blog, and is  now sneaking around the media as though authentic as all filthy material from her likes and her ‘bed-mate,’ the one and only Wendell Simlin, aka, Reno Omokri, tgries to. Untill they are stopped, these dangerous Jonathanians will stop at nothing!

reno-omokri-sanusi-bokoIn the article, she referenced another article, but made sure not to put a link/source. We fished out the original ‘article,’ it was a hopeless post of “unconfirmed=no source” by a no-name on nairaland. That article can be seen here. It is very probable that the same Moji Danisa first on April 6th, created that fictitious story on nairaland, then quotes herself to make headlines. Or perhaps her husband does one and she does the other. or maybe Reno Simlin does one and the couple does the other.

This is not the first time she is going after Sanusi Lamido, it’s like she got the largest sum out of the $20 billion budgeted for distracting Nigerians by raising all sorts of Sanusi Lamido issues. They just won’t give up. Only if they would pursue and produce our missing $20 billion with such fervor.

So what happened? After EFCC arraigned her for sedition, Jonathan hired her? Like Femi is to be-rehired? God, help us not to be crooks, so we do not embarrass ourselves paying for our freedom with this type of dirty ish! Or perhaps Jonathan hired them first, Gulak just had to get them for their dirty work they did against him for Jo or someone else?

In February this year, CKN reported on her and her husband’s arraignment:

SSS Set To Arraign Moji Danisa, Husband Today

The SSS have perfected plans to arraign the publishers of Paparazzi, Moji Danisa and Olawale Dawodu today for sedition and treason in Abuja.
Feelers reaching us say that powerful individuals have decided to use the SSS to hound and torture the publishers over a story titled Gulak the Garrulous published by the magazine.

CKN Nigeria learnt that the magazine publishers are on their way to keep a date with the SSS.

Yes, that’s what happens to you. When you do the dirty work, for dirty people, you pay the dirty price.

So what section do we file this story? “Pathetic?”

Somebody, please add her name to the Nigeria Criminal Database. Put a leash on this. We need to remember when we are spreading arraigned criminal’s stories. Of course, “Hope for Nigeria” Johnathanian facebook page is one of the few places where her message spread.