Newly Elected Nigerian Senator Dino Melaiye Shows Off Some Serious Vanity

Dino Melaye, senator-elect representing Kogi West Senatorial District, once told on his twitter page – “I destroy the poverty of ideas in your home”.  But it seems that he rather likes the idea of destroying poverty in his own home primarily – otherwise he wouldn’t post his Lamborghini, his Harley Davidson, his fancy sun glasses and his mansion on social networks to intimidate Nigeria’s millions of poor.

Too Rich For A Govt Official? Dino Melaye Shows His Wealth

It’s easy to praise the Lord sitting inside Lamborghini Gallardo worth $200,000 in fancy sunglasses. And that’s exactly what Dino Melaya does on his twitter page.

Too Rich For A Govt Official? Dino Melaye Shows His Wealth

However, many Nigerians are not so happy to see all this luxury, posting comments like this one: “See what Nigerian senators are enjoying and masses are dying of hunger”.

It really raises questions about the source of his wealth. How many years of official remuneration are needed to afford this level of prosperity?

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Earlier Dino Melaye has expressed his profound joy and relief on his twitter account after his wife, Tokunbo Melaye filed for divorce.