Nigeria: Jonathan Rambo Goes To Sambisa To #BringBackOurGirls Oh My!

June 2, 2014


The revolution of creative images querying and challenging the Nigerian leadership, especially the President and his wife, keep pouring out.obama afghan

Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan was scared to go to Chibok, where 234 girls were abducted from. As though to humiliate him further, the President of America, Barack Obama popped up in Afghanistan suddenly last week in the height of Nigeria’s fervor over why the President refused to condole the families in Chibok. It can be remembered that in a similar display of denigration, the United States confiscated Nigeria’s late rouge President, late Sani Abacha’s assets to the tune of $500 million, the week after Nigeria’s executive leadership gave him a post humus award in the ‘centenary celebrations.’

Should President Jonathan be sent to Sambisa?