Nigeria Revolts As Corrupt House Approves Tokunbo Car High Tariff – Ban

Oct. 18, 2013

NewsRescue– The House of Representatives Committee on Industry has endorsed the new automotive policy of the Federal Government, which seeks to increase the tariff on imported cars.

Coscharis, one of the lobbyist main car manufacturers to be, just sold a BMW that sells around the world for $160,000 to Nigeria for $1,600,000

Dangote who Nigeria gave increased tariff to encourage him set up cement plants, now sells cement at $11/bag compared to what sells around the world for $5/bag. His company, no surprise declared DOUBLE quarterly profits.

Nigerians do not care about the few jobs manufacturing cars in Nigeria will create, with companies like Coscharis and Elizade that will exploit us as they did the Ministry of Aviation and make Nigerians ride bicycles in the near future, GUARANTEED! As Dangote stops us from re-building our homes that got flooded and new homes with his double-the-world price cement.

Nigerians say:

Government should first provide public transport as other countries had before they raised tariffs.

Government should first ban ministers stealing Nigeria dry.

Government should first ban Coscharis, Dangote, Otedola, Stella, Dame, Access bank, and all other cabal who are vampires seeking to suck Nigeria dry.

the cabal thiefGovernment should first ban exorbitant senator and president salaries.

Government should first ban importation of food.

Government should first ban importation of alcohol.

Government should first ban importation of foreign clothes and business suits.

Government should first ban government misappropriation.

Government should first ban medical tourism.

Government should first ban importation of generators
If government first does these, many more jobs will be created. Rather our wicked government wants to ban car importation so Coscharis lobbying and other cabal can punish Nigerians with the most expensive cars in the world. Nigerians will be forced to violate their Quran and Bible getting credit loans from banks to buy new cars, and this will wreck them as it wrecks America’s poor. The masses will remain in debt owing the bank and Coscharis, Elizade, Stallion group et al. The Minister Mr. Olusegun Aganga, who has vested interests in this and ‘stock’ in the new companies will become another Dangote=rich off of the backs of exploiting Nigerians. There will be a few cars to choose from, either buy them or walk, no competition. The rich will get richer, while Nigeria’s poor will get poorer and the nation will soon be a nation of walking and riding bicycle. Then some of us will work as slave labor to the manufacturing companies, all tokunbo businessmen will be out of job and to work in Nigeria, you have to work for the cabal, either their car or cement company.


–John D. for Nigeria’s silent, suffering masses.

Coscharis Corruption Documents

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