Nigeria Shutting Down As Jonathan Corruption Starves Nation Of Fuel

Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria inherited the presidency as did John Mahama


Nigeria is shutting down. So everyone is saying. Radio stations are shutting down, movement is limited, ATM’s are running dry, even phone networks are turning off. All due to the scarcity of essential fuel for business. There is an acute on chronic fuel scarcity. The Jonathan government cannot pay the fuel importer cabal. It is believed that the cabal who are mostly corrupt do not expect smooth sailing continuation of the type of mouth watering deals when the incoming Buhari administration resumes office May 29th.

shut down radio

The Jonathan government owed the fuel importers approximately 240 billion naira; that’s almost 2 billion dollars. Of this sum, the Minister of economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said they paid 156 billion naira, however the oil traders say they have not received the money yet and Jonathan’s money is not that good. They say oil is available waiting to be offloaded but they are not paid and they cannot pay truckers etc. The result: No gas, no diesel and a nation over $60 billion in debt.

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Jonathan is believed to have diverted billions in state revenue toward a last-minute desperate campaign to save his job; he lost and now the nation is broke and grinding to a halt. it is a most wicked but not unexpected parting gift, Nigerians are saying on twitter.