Open Letter To The President-elect General Buhari

David Mark villa

Your Excellency,

War Against Corruption/ Corrupt Practices In Nigeria- A Suggested Approach

Sir, kindly note that asset declaration alone can not stop corruption menace in Nigeria; hence, my humble suggested approach below:

By the time you (General Buhari) mount the seat of power, please announce and give opportunity for whoever want to voluntarily return his/her ill-gotten wealth or what they stole from Nigeria back to Nigerian govt. Anyone or those that comply should be appreciated while those who decide to cover up or sit on their loot, when discovered, should forfeit everything to the govt and also face the wrath of the law.

Also, I am advocating for special court/ Tribunal to handle corruption cases speedily. If the above approach can be adopted and seriously/vigorously pursued, corruption will vanish from Nigeria.

My suggestion to you is made for the progress of Nigeria and Nigerians, particularly, the poor Masses. Praying that God that has brought you thus far will grant you the grace to appoint and bring together Selfless/Credible People that will bring real development to Nigeria in accordance to the WILL of God. Amen.

Also, I pray that Almighty God will give unto you & your Team the wisdom, Divine enablement, good health and the grace to govern Nigeria very well in Jesus Mighty Name.


Your Fellow Citizen,

Isaac Borokinni