PDP Obtains Voters List In Adamawa, Starts Buying Voters As Ribadu Promised Presidency 2019


Nuhu Ribadu
Nuhu Ribadu

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Adamawa state has obtained INEC voters lists of the eligible voters in Adamawa state. NewsRescue has confirmed this revolting development this evening.

Armed with the list of voters’ names and their contact information, PDP agents have been sent out across the state to persuade potential voters to sell their votes at N10,000 a piece.

Voters are required to take an oath on the Quran or Bible depending on their faith and commit to vote PDP candidates, Goodluck Jonathan for president and Nuhu Ribadu for governor in the general elections of March 28th and April 11th.

The brother of the Adamawa gubernatorial candidate, Sani Ahmadu Ribadu who was the former chairman of Yola south is the chairman of the voter purchasing committee.

According to our 100% veritable sources, 100 people each have been delegated to each ward in Adamawa state to purchase voters. These make up the delivery teams.

Each delivery team member has been promised N500,000 in forms they filled if they deliver the state to the PDP.

All members are made to swear on the Quran and Bible.

The PDP has promised that money is not the problem and they will all be given as much money as they dream of if they deliver the state to Jonathan and Ribadu

NewsRescue has obtained copies of the INEC voter documents with the list of names and addresses and ward codes the teams are being sent out with.

Sani Ahmadu Ribadu, has said that if the team fails to deliver Adamawa to the president, he will disband them and select new people for the state’s gubernatorial election. He has also stated that his left hand will be cut off if he fails to deliver the state.

The Ribadu brothers have told the teams to work hard because president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has promised Nuhu Ribadu, former EFCC chairman that in 2019 he, Jonathan will make him [Ribadu] the PDP president.

This is the enticement the Ribadu’s are using to work in earnest in campaign for president Goodluck.

NewsRescue exclusively exposed that the NSA, Sambo Dasuki has also been promised to be made Sultan of Sokoto, the highest Muslim and northern leadership office if he delivers the elections to the PDP.

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Meanwhile PDP money is causing fights in wards.

In Makama A ward the head of the delivery team selected his 100 members from Makama A instead of from Magaji where political thugs are at the ready. This caused friction with the political thugs promising they will hinder his work. A similar situation is also reported in Makama B where a certain PDP agent, Amini Tuta is in charge.

Similar radical democratic subversive activities are most assuredly happening right now across the nation. We are tracking these and have started getting prompts of similar activity in other states.

How the PDP was able to obtain the registered voters list from INEC is left to be confirmed. At this time we can confirm to Nigerians that INEC is clearly compromised.

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