Perfidious Nigerian Army Leadership Accuses SaharaReporters of Working for Boko Haram Terrorists

The Army authorities yesterday accused an online media, Sahara Reporters, of working for the Boko Haram terror group.

In a statement issued by its director of public relations, Brigadier Olaleye Lajide, the Army dismissed a story published on the website of the medium where it alleged that a serving officer, Lt Col Wende, petitioned the Army hierarchy.

"Unverified" Lt. Col Wende
“Unverified” Lt. Col Wende

“It is noteworthy but unfortunate that Sahara Reporters has committed itself to support terrorism and fight Nigeria, its people, its military and particularly the Nigerian Army.

“Before Sahara Reporters published their purported document described as petition from Lt Col Wende, a serving commanding officer, the Nigerian Army conducted a thorough investigation on the document involving other security and intelligence gathering agencies. The process confirmed that the serving officer was not the author of the petition,” the Army stated.

The statement further disclosed that at a press conference in Maiduguri, the officer involved, Wende, disassociated himself from the petition and Sahara Reporters which published the story was not only absent but went to discredit the officer, describing him as “unverified”. – Leadership

SaharaReporters had earlier commented that the officer who was interviewed by the Nigerian Army as the supposed author of the letter had no name tag which proved him and the army process as suspect.

NewsRescue has noticed the Nigerian government harasses army men, Civilian-JTF and even recently the head hunter of Mubi, Sarkin Baka, by threatening to brand them as Boko Haram terrorists whenever the government wishes to silence them; this is proven true as the army was quick to demonstrate this reprobate nature by ridiculously branding SaharaReporters as Boko Haram sponsors, in attempt to intimidate them from the pursuit of the truth.

The letter written by officer Wende has no doubt been a great expose and source of embarrassment to the Nigerian army top command and Jonathan presidency.

Massive corruption of the Nigerian army chiefs has been recognized to be responsible over the past 5 years, for the low morale and inefficiency of the ill equipped Nigerian army at defeating Boko Haram terrorists.

Recently the Nigerian army chief, Air Marshal Alex Badeh announced a criminal and treasonous cease fire with the terrorists, a move that purposefully allowed Boko Haram capture the north of Adamawa State and kill thousands more Nigerians. No one has yet been held account for this treasonous act.