President Mohammadu Buhari The Builder Of Nigeria, by Iyiola Abolarin

President Buhari; img: Tolu Jinadu

by Iyiola Abolarin,

For the past sixteen years in Nigeria we struggle to understand who the government is and who are the governed.

From the implementation of unnecessary subsidy scandal they implemented and failed to pay to date due to corruption to unpaid salaries by the last government even with our oil priced at over 100 Dollars per barrel at the time. What about Dasukigate ? Many also claimed they had no shoes but gave Nigeria little or nothing even stole all the available shoes and more.

What about the over 20 Billion oil reserve embezzlement by the previous government or is it by the governed? As at the time of this message over 150 Billion Dollars of Nigeria’s stolen wealth by the previous government still lies inside American and European banks to name a few.

President Mohammadu Buhari the liberator of Nigeria since taking office has been working everyday from local to international trips to collect all our stolen wealth including the over 3 Billion outstanding Abacha loot back to Nigeria for Nigeria’s growth and development.

Indeed President Mohammadu Buhari is God sent and deserves to be given total support so as to bring Nigeria out of poverty and instability to peace, stability and prosperity. As such, any enemy of President Buhari is enemy of Nigeria because Buhari is for Nigeria National Interest and National security.

You cannot hide in the name of religion, oil subsidy thief, corrupt fellows or even unethical ethnic cartels I assure you no one can play God. You can run but you cannot hide. You all must be aware that no one is above the law of the sovereign state including all religions or none.

We are not in the State of Nature where anyone can do whatever suites them without answering to law of the land. The moment you step on Nigeria’s national interest and National security is the moment you hinder your human rights et al. Being a Suicide bomber or all forms of terrorism and criminality can be said not to be representation of religion neither are they in Nigeria law. Nigeria Constitution is our balance as a country, so read it and think.

President Bush of United States after 9 11 terrorist attack invaded Iraq due to Sadam Hussein’s threats to United States. NATO invaded Gadafi due to Gadafi’s threat to the United Nations Membership. A sovereign State will use every reasonable force to protect itself against any threat in any way, shape or form.

Every public representation must be approved by the government of the land and any of such that will be a threat to Nigeria’s National Security will be banned. ALL must be responsible for their actions under the change government.

President Mohammadu Buhari is the father to the fatherless, mother to the motherless, voice of the voiceless, is the President of the people by the people and for the people A.K.A “The People’s General”.

President Mohammadu Buhari is building Nigeria and we must join hands together with our incorruptible President to BUILD OUR COUNTRY NIGERIA AS ONE.

God Bless President Mohammadu Buhari God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Iyiola Abolarin – Citizen Federal Republic of Nigeria – [email protected]