Nigerian Protesters Paint Ministry Of Interor RED: Spray “Murderers” On Ministry

Japeth Omojuwa and Azeerah Mohammed at the Ministry of Interior this week, painting it red

Protest Pictures: Nigeria Ministry Of Interior Covered In Red Paint With “Murderers” Written

Mar. 26, 2014

NewsRescueProtesters who included Omojuwa and Azeenarh Mohammed, yesterday and today have covered the entrance to the Ministry of Interior elucidating blood and painted “MURDERERS’ on the floor leading to the Ministry. This is being done as Nigerians flair up in protest of the killing of innocent Nigerians in the recent Ministry operated Immigration job scam. Over 23 innocent unemployed youth dies from that scam.

NewsRescueNigeria: How Many More Must Die?

Nigerians are increasdingly protesting hardship and government corruption which has destroyed the economy, led to critical unemployment and leads to deaths of hundreds of Nigerians in a state of insecurity and violence across the nation.

The Joint Action Front, JAF, has planned massive protests across the nation tomorrow, March 17th.

Pictures from the Ministry of Interior:

These are some of the early pictures we copped from today’s protest at the Ministry of Interior

A foreign journalist being manhandled by members of the NSCDC

A foreign journalist being manhandled by members of the NSCDC



Omojuwa and Azeenarh Mohammed

Omojuwa and Azeenarh Mohammed

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