#ReleaseOmojuwa: Abuja Police Lethally Assault And Arrest Protesters Against Corruption, Deadly Immigration Scam

@Omojuwa, beaten by 20 police officers for protesting Immigration scam, Wednesday April 2nd

Apr. 2, 2014

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) today in Abuja abducted four protesting members of “The Nigerian Patriot,” who staged a peaceful protest over the killings of several applicants who lost their lives during the bloody recruitment exercise of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) across the country recently.

The members of the group who gathered at the Area 1 Roundabout, were met with more than what they had bargained for. Eyewitnesses say the overzealous officers of the Corps had swooped down on them, confronted them and began asking them to leave. There was no permit issued from the police officials in respect to their protest.

The Leader of the group, Japhet Omojunwua, reportedly told the security agents that it was a peaceful protest, as the death of one of their colleagues still remains fresh in their memory. That explanation did not go down well with the law enforcement agents. Witnesses say one officer had slapped the leader of the group in the face several times, and then began kicking him to the ground. Within minutes, other security agents joined-in, numbering over twenty officers. It was a brutal attack.

After a thorough beating lasting over 15 minutes, Japhet Omojunwua was then pushed, and dragged to the security agents’ waiting Hilux Patrol Van, along other three members of the group. They were then all taken to an unknown location.

The Leader of the security squad who refused to identify himself, quickly removed his name tag shortly after the beating on Japhet Omojunwua. According to eyewitnesses the security squad leader then seized the iPads and cameras of some nearby journalists who were covering the protest.

A female security officer later identified as Rose Mary Inuwa, was the first to assault the protest group leader, according to eyewitnesses, before she was joined by others officers in the beating.

The team of Civil Defense agents was attached to a Joint Task Force operating in the Abuja City Center. The Task Force was combined with other para-military agencies which includes, the FRSC, VIO Police, and the Nigeria Prison Service etc.

The other security agencies were not part of the assault on the protesters, SaharaReporters learned.

The Nigerian Patriot members were set to deliver a coffin to the Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, as part of the protest, and as a symbol to register their grievances over the untimely death of the applicants across the country.

As at time of this report, there was no information on the whereabouts of the four members of the group. They are still missing. -SaharaReporters


BREAKING: Japheth Omojuwa, Uche Briggs Arrested Protesting in Abuja #ReleaseOmojuwa

Apr. 2, 2014

18 coffins to be given to the ministry
18 coffins taken to the ministry today

NewsRescue Human rights activist Japeth Omojuwa (omojuwa.com), Uche Briggs (@UcheBriggs)and other protesters have been arrested in Abuja today by the NSCDC while protesting the immigration bloody scandal.

Abba Moro
Abba Moro

Four protesters have been released, however Omojuwa, Uche Briggs and some others are still under arrest. According to eye witnesses, Omojuwa was slapped by the arresting officers. Omojuwa was delivering 18 coffins to the ministry of Interior as Nigerians grieve the 18 unemployed youth who died from the recklessly performed scam. Japeth Omojuwa and Ms Azeerah Mohammed had earlier two weeks ago led protests at the ministry where they sprayed “Bloody Murderers” in front of the ministry. The Minister who is yet to be sacked has blamed the events of insane greed on the devil. The minister is yet to be arrested. Nigerians are clamouring for their immediate release with the protest hashtag: #ReleaseOmojuwa More reports to follow…

Uche Briggs
Uche Briggs arrested
Japeth Omojuwa and Azeerah Mohammed at the Ministry of Interior this week, painting it red
Japeth Omojuwa and Azeerah Mohammed at the Ministry of Interior this week, painting it red
omojuwa abuja
Azeerah Mohammed protesting at ministry

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