SHOCKING VIDEO: Women And Children Escape Sambisa After Nigerian Army, Mercenaries Bombard Boko Haram Camps

Foreign mercenaries spotted in Nigeria; img- FaceBook


This video shows the Nigerian army and foreign mercenary bombardment of Boko Haram camps in Sambisa that have freed over 600 women and children.

The women and children, many of whom have been harbored in these expansive camps in Sambisa for the past few years are seen running to safety at last as the Nigerian government with mercenaries they hired from Russia and South Africa has at last decided to bombard these well known terror fortes.

Many women are with child and it is alleged that the terrorists in some cases mark their bellies as a tool to recognize them if they (the Boko Haram) are victorious.

Calls have been made for Nigeria’s president to be charged to the International Criminal Court for having left thousands of the nations citizens at Boko Haram’s mercy for so long leading to an irreparable human tragedy and one of the worst in human history.