“Stop! I Am A Chibok Girl” – Screams Arrested Suicide Bomber

Chibok girls still missing


A potential suicide bomber female was arrested in Limani village northern Cameroon today by vigilantes and upon her arrest pleaded mercy claiming she was one of the sought for abducted Chibok girls.

The teenage looking girl was apprehended along with another female suicide bomber who was also luckily arrested before she could explode.

chibok-kano2The Cameroonian military is in the process of contacting Nigeria for a name and identity check to see if the girl is actually one of the abducted 234 girls.

Dead suicide bomber in the past have been analyzed to be Chibok girls.

Boko Haram has continued its carnage in Cameroon. Yesterday the sect killed Blama Malla, chief of Zuru village near Kolofata when Boko Haram infiltrated into the village. A Corporal of the Rapid Intervention Unit, Owona died Friday morning when the vehicle he was travelling in hit a land mine on Amchide-Gance road.

Female suicide bombers were also gunned down in Nigeria today.