Tasers Donated By ENDS Used To Extract Information From Boko Haram Terrorists


We have received details of the successful interrogation of a Boko Haram suspect in Borno with the use of Tasers donated by ENDS.

The Every Nigerian Do Something, ENDS organization has over the years provided support for civilians defending themselves against Boko Haram in the nation’s beleaguered northeast.

Several tasers among other equipment donated to the Civilian-JTF in Borno [See: http://ends.ng/?p=752] turned out more useful than was intended. The tasers which had been donated with the intention of being used as a first-line of defense/immobilization when patting down and screening marketers, Church and Mosque attendees and the like, reportedly came in handy during an interrogation of a Boko Haram terrorist.

ENDS donations
ENDS donations

Boko Haram terrorists are known to be so indoctrinated with allegiances, hypnosis, drugs and blood oaths that they rarely divulge valuable intelligence. On this particular occasion all means of extracting information from the terrorist had failed — including methods similar to those used by the United States in Guantanamo — and as a last resort a Civilian-JTF volunteer suggested an ENDS taser.

When the terrorist was tased, he reportedly fainted. When he came to and was shown the taser again readied for a second shocking, the terrorist reportedly began blurting out all the information he had, begging not to be tased again. It can be imagined that he felt he had crossed to the other side already and coming back and being threatened to be sent across once more was simply more than he could bear.

Little Government Support and No Recognition

It must be mentioned that there is very little assistance these brave young men get from the government; altruistic youth who have done their best to defend the exposed people of the northeastern states, yet get little help or even mere recognition from the government.

Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan has never on record praised the activities of the Civilian-JTF, many of whom have died in battles against Boko Haram terrorists, and whom are usually put in the front-line of army operations against the terrorists, armed with local weapons and ordinary sticks and stones.

The local people help cook for these volunteers who are left little time for their work as they operate in shifts guarding their communities. Nigeria has refused to train and arm them to be able to properly defend themselves despite being in the front line.

With low federal resolve and not enough true government support to both the Nigerian army and the brave Civilian-JTF, 20 out of 27 local governments of Borno state have been taken over by the insurgents and frustration is breaking the morale of these brave Nigerians who are gradually losing faith as they get weary following a six year long foreign and politician facilitated invasion.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian