Vanguard Newspaper Makes Several Blunders In Hurry To Defend Named Boko Haram Sponsors, Ihejirika and Sheriff

Nigerian army chief, general Azubuike Ihejirika named as sponsor of Boko Haram terrorist organisation


The Vanguard editorial has been making several noticed blunders in their hurry to defend named Boko Haram sponsors, ex-army chief Azubuike Ihejirika and former Borno Governor Ali Modu Sheriff.

The duo were named as top Boko Haram terror group sponsors last week by a negotiator for the Jonathan government, Dr. Stephen Davis of Australia.

In the first hurriedly penned article written by the Vanguard’s chief north correspondent, Soni Daniel, an alleged interview took place between himself and Dr Stephen Davis in which the Dr denied being hired by the Federal government.

The major blunder however in Soni Daniel’s report which rendered it useless and unprofessional, was the fact that the report failed to mention if and when any interview took place. Professional journalism requires full disclosure of how and when said interview took place; if it was in person, by phone, email or otherwise. Soni Daniels wrote some irrelevant introductory story and then presented half-baked interview snippets without much coherence and without details of if and when and how said interview took place.

Boko Haram Hurrying To Ihejirika, Sheriff’s Rescue

reno-omokri-sanusi-bokoIn the second hurriedly prepared work by the same Soni Daniel of the Vanguard, the paper alleged that Boko Haram was eager to defend the accused sponsors. This was even more shabbily done. In this report published Monday, Soni Daniel referred interchangeably to “source” and “negotiator.” Which one was it? A source or a negotiator? Soni failed to say who this new negotiator was employed by; since the federal government through Mike Omeri claimed they have not engaged any negotiator whatsoever.

“Nigerians will soon hear from the sect leadership concerning all the issues raised by the negotiator, who, in any case was not hired by the Federal Government to dialogue with the group.

“In fact, what the man has said has really infuriated the sect leadership and they are unhappy with him,” the Nigerian negotiator said.

“As far as the sect leadership is concerned, Davis is being used by some politicians to score some points and they are ready to clear the air on the issues. – Soni Daniel; Vanguard 8/9/2014

One must admit, this is a crazy cooperative partnership between Boko Haram, Vanguard, Ihejirika, Sheriff and the Federal government of Nigeria.

Rather than blocking the terrorists unnecessary publicity and free press to promote and perpetuate their terror, Soni Davis and the Vanguard are here read almost promoting Boko Haram as credible and honest and for their propaganda messages to be anticipated by the Nigerian audience.

Further to show the frustration and incoherence in Soni’s little tale, as is read in quote above, he said the negotiator said the government did not hire Dr Stephen Davis. Is this negotiator a government official? How then did a supposed professional, Soni Daniel of the Vanguard quote the negotiator as saying the Federal Government of Nigeria did not hire Stephen David? Is the negotiator the right authority on the actions of the federal Government of Nigeria? This so-called negotiator fits the profile of Wendell Simlin, no doubt.

The Vanguard may want to clear this matter once and for all on behalf of the FGN: Did the FGN hire any negotiators or not, since now we have to contradictory claims from the Vanguard and Presidency on the issue.

“For now, the Federal Government of Nigeria have not appointed anyone to negotiate on it behalf with the Boko Haram sect, anytime it decides to do so, the Federal Government will make it known to the public” – Mike Omeri

Further it is stunning that the Vanguard is happy to publish that Boko Haram of all things is coming to the rescue of Ihejirika and Sheriff in a hurry – this very week. This appears more indicting than anything else. Suddenly the Vanguard has best access to the terrorists and the terrorists appear to be working for the PDP, the worst affected party by the damning revelations of Dr Stephen Davis; with the sect promising to narrate the usual Nigerian ruling party slanderous narrative, blaming opposition politicians for all their woes and deadly failures.

Nigerians are enjoying watching as the executive leadership of the nation and all their partners in treacherous governance of the nation and the promotion of intractable terror are stumbling over themselves and revealing themselves and their associations with terror.