Vanishing Ink: #Nigeria President Jonathan Jerusalem Visit Linked To Ballot Rigging


The President on Nigeria is on visit to Jerusalem purportedly for a pilgrimage. This will be the second visit of Goodluck Jonathan to Israel this 2014. However intelligence analysts have connected the president’s regular visits to Israel to setting up and acquiring the latest technologies for massive election rigging.

don caponeIn the recently concluded Ekiti gubernatorial election this July, it was exposed that vanishing ink and other technologies obtained from Israel was used to rig the election in favor of the returning sacked former governor Ayo Fayose. See: NewsRescue– EXPOSED: Vanishing Ink Used To Massively Rig Ekiti Elections To Favor PDP Indicted Fayose

The advanced election rigging systems used for the elections were obtained from Israel according to investigations. As all odds are stacked against a return to power for 4 more years on the current 8 Jonathan has spent in Aso rock, he is reported to be increasingly desperate to establish all possible methods of rigging, tribal and religious divisionism to increase his chances. A recent negotiation with Boko Haram sponsors for an arbitrary cessation of fire is also part of last minute desperate schemes. An Israeli was also implicated in a recent $9.3 million cash for arms smuggling scandal by the Jonathan government in South Africa.

An Israeli company, Nikuv has been pointed to for providing these advanced rigging equipment to corrupt African leaders. Israeli security outfit named Nikuv, provides election management for some of the most corrupt, tyrannical nations in Africa. One of their best clients is Robert Mugabe, who arranged to win his sixth (but who’s counting?) presidential election at the ripe old age of 90 with their equipment.  The leader of the Opposition, Morgan Tsvangirai, called the election a “huge farce.”  Not far from the truth.

Mugabe couldn’t have done it without the help of his good friends at Nikuv.  These are the folks who compile the election lists, register voters, determine who’s eligible and ineligible, count votes and declare the winner.  Oh I know there’s an official election commission that’s supposed to do that.  But who needs such things when your good friends and former Mossad agents have things so well in hand? See more

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Investigations by the Zimbabwe Independent have shown Nikuv played a critical role in influencing the outcome of recent general elections in which President-elect Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF secured what is widely seen as a “made-in-Israel” landslide. Read full


See details of “Vanishing Ink” and rigging equipment imported from Israel according to the petition

“The petitioner avers that the election was marred with irregularities that are unprecedented in the annal of elections in this Country as “photo chromic” and “thermo chromic” ballot papers already programmed to favour the 1st and 2nd Respondents in all the polling units, were used”, the petition document reads in part.

The APC also held that the Governorship election which held on June 21st in Ekiti State was scientifically rigged to hand undue advantage to the PDP candidate in the election, Mr. Ayo Fayose.

“The petitioner avers in similar vein that, the election was scientifically, systemically or methodically rigged with the programmed Ballot papers designed for the nefarious and despicable acts of rigging out the petitioner, in fulfillment of the desperate bid of the PDP government at the centre to win the Ekiti State Governorship election of 21st June, 2014.

“The petitioner avers that the Presiding officers in all the Polling units throughout the Local Government Areas in the State carefully and strategically folded the Ballot paper into two, vertically, to activate the concealed and programmed thumbprint impressions on the Ballot papers.

“The petitioner also discovered that the ink used during voting was not an indelible ink as provided for by the Manual for Election Officials 2014, rather a vanishing ink was used in all the polling units. The thumb printing done with the vanishing ink on the programmed Ballot papers will only appear faintly AND DISAPPEAR WITHIN FEW MINUTES because the Ballot papers used were photo chromic and thermo chromic, and glossy in nature and as such they could not retain ink beyond the programmed time.

“The petitioner will, through forensic and finger print Experts and other experts /analyst demonstrate in the open Court that, such thumb impression will dry off within few minutes after exposure to the light, while the folding of the Ballot papers into two vertically by the Presiding officer before thumb printing by unsuspecting voters will activate the already concealed and programmed thumb print impression.

“The petitioner states that during the election of 21st June, 2014 in Ekiti State, every ballot paper was deliberately placed face down by the INEC officials to prevent premature exposure to light/radiation before being handed over to voters.

“The petitioner states that folding the ballot paper into two vertically generates heat that activates the already programmed and concealed thumb-print impressions on the ballot papers and such appeared boldly and visibly during sorting and counting than the original faint thumb-printed impression during voting”, the party said.

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