Ayo Fayose: The Mistaken Governor Of Ekiti State, By Eneh John

By Eneh John

When the populace in Ekiti state trooped out enmasse to cast their votes in the governorship elections last year for Ayodele Fayose,it was a period which heralded a new breath in the life of a state created in 1996 alongside Bayelsa State. A state that is in dire need of development.

Ayo Fayose defeated then Governor of the state, Dr.Kayode Fayemi, to emerge as the governor.

Ekiti kete! Ekiti! Ekiti! awa Ekiti!

Were the people of Ekiti wrong in their choice?
Many are licking their wounds today in regret on how they betrayed Fayemi with their votes.

Fayose has consistently denigrated the office of the governor.
He has brought shame and disgrace to the office of the governor.

A man who could stand in the name of “STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE” to distribute chicken publicly one after the other to policemen.

How could a governor behave like Oja tout?
Fayose has so seek media attention since he became governor with his recent outburst with Obasanjo.

Using five(5) members of the house of Assembly to try to impeach the speaker.

We will pardon Ekiti kete because Fayose is indeed a mistake.

A man who was once loved by the people.
He knows too well that you don’t disrespect elders in yoruba land.

But I strongly feel that Fayose should visit the psychiatric ward of Ekiti State Teaching Hospital along Adebayo road to examine himself.

Fayose proved finally to us that some popular mandate could mean an impending danger and mistake in the political circle.

As I do maintain, that we will all die, but we don’t know how we will die.

But Fayose to have openly place an advert predicting the death of Buhari, he has dug a grave for himself.

He has refused to apologized and stood his grounds on the advert.

History will remember Fayose as a mistake the Ekiti state people made.

If God never allowed him win the elections, we would never have known what he is made of.

The last time I checked, Fayose never owned his life.
But there’s a reward for everything.

I know so many of my friends from Ekiti, but I’ll state here that you will all not be part of this madness that is on display by your Governor.

The Ekiti motto: “Fountain of Knowledge” has been so disrespected by Fayose.

But time will heal the land…

May this MISTAKEN GOVERNOR of Ekiti never happen again in the annals of history.

God Bless Ekiti State.